Sunday, March 18, 2012

Product Review - eBoost

Hey guys!

I have a quick and dirty product review for you. A couple of weeks ago, I finally used the eBoost packet that came in my December Birchbox. Wow!

I am no stranger to "fizzy water additions". I have a mother and a good friend who swear by Emergen-C packets, so I have a large stash of those. However, this was MUCH better!

#idonthavethefactstobackthisup, but I'm pretty sure that the zinc in this (which a lot of people swear by to fend off viruses) kept me from getting a cold. Everyone in my immediate vicinity at both workplaces, my family, and friends kept getting a nasty head cold, and I have zero immunity to such things. My sinuses were doing the awful "let's start burning" thing (which has never before NOT led to a cold), and yet, after I made up this on a lark, it went away!

Long story short, this stuff is tasty and pretty awesome. It also has some caffeine, which is perfect for me. :)

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  1. I am going to need to pick that up. I am about done with the sinus infections this season! Thanks for the review :-)