Saturday, December 31, 2011

Product Review - Julep "Glitter Pot"

I have pot to share with you all today. LoL.

Specifically, I have this little pot to share with you, the Glitter Pot that came in my December 2011 Julep Maven "Bombshell" box. Isn't it cute? And sparkly? I tried this out with Demi as an accent nail earlier this week. It looked super festive and pretty.

The way that I found works best for a cute little glitter pot like this is to take it in your fingers and sprinkle it on the wet polish of whatever nail you want. Then, you should wait (as I did not) for the polish to completely dry, then add topcoat. I was impatient, and ended up with Demi-covered glitter.

The nails with the glitter did tend to peel more than those that did not have glitter, but I again used the mysterious Julep fast-dry topcoat that may be responsible for peeling...

Please, Julep, put these on sale! I would pay a lot for them. They're a really nice little product, and I want to try the others!

Polish Review - Julep "Demi"

I have a polish that I have worn a few times this month. This one, Demi, came in my December Julep Maven "Bombshell" box. :)

Here, with a flash, you can see it (11) with a little bit of shimmer. :)

As you can see, it is a fairly bright burgundy, though a lovely color. Everyone knows I can never keep my hands off anything in the dark crimsons + burgundy family, so this was a welcome addition and my favorite choice out of all the Maven selections for the month -- and I already am a Bombshell! :)

Now, Demi does seem to have a mystery around her.

... where is Demi?

She's not under reds, pinks, purples, or anything else on Julep's website. Is she an unreleased color? Out of stock? Discontinued? Where is Demi? LoL.

Demi lasted pretty well. It tends to peel, though, and it peeled in some spots pretty quickly. I did apply it this time over my Color Club basecoat, though I think the first time I wore it, I put it over the Nail Therapy one. Both times I used the Julep fast-dry topcoat that also came in my Maven box. Now my topcoat is slightly tinted Demi. Haha. I am kind of tempted to try it over a tried and true polish and see if it makes that one peel as well. Short story: I love Demi, but I'm not sure about this topcoat buddy she brought along. But that's a review for another time...

Overall, I am really glad I picked this color out of my Maven choices. :)

GoGoGirlfriend - December 2011 Sample Box

Hey, guys!

Who else is incredibly glad that 2011 is almost over? This year was... ugh. Summer was pretty fun, but I wish all the rest could get a do-over. There isn't much worse than feeling like ten months was wasted!

Soooo, today I have a new subscription box for you all to see. I have the December (?) sample box from GoGoGirlfriend. Some of you know that I have had some frustrations with this company, mostly based on the shipping schedule compared to when I started paying for the box. I subscribed in early November, did not get a box shipped until December 06, and now I am still waiting on another box, since I signed up for the "a box every month" option. I'm not horribly pleased at this point, though I have not contacted them regarding my concerns yet. I am going to wait another month and make sure that they do not bill me again before I have received two boxes.

On to the box itself, though...

It's a cute little box, and I would say it's worth the half-of-$12.99-every-other-month that I paid for it.

What all is here?

1. Camille Beckman - "Mango Beach" Gift Set - $9.95
2. OluvFresh - Face and Body Scrub - $5.50
3. Blossoms Cosmetics-  Eyeshadow - Dreamy Girl - $5.95
4. Elf - Eye Shadow Crease Brush - $1.00
5. Issey Miyake - "A Scent" Eau de Parfum - $1.00
6. Crystal Essence - Pomegranate Mineral Deoderant Towelette - $0.50

Approximate value - $22.00.

Not too bad, as you can see, though I am not sure I would have spent $22.00 on these products. I am looking forward a lot to trying the eyeshadow and Oluv scrub, and you should get reviews on all of the other products (except for the towelette, which is getting stuck in my purse for an emergency!) soon. :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Product Review - Julep "Everyday SPF Hand Cream - SPF 30"

 I have another product from Julep to share with you guys today. I have the "Everyday SPF Hand Cream - SPF 30," which I think came in my October Maven box. I was a horrible blogger all those months ago (lol) so I didn't do a complete post on the whole box at once.
This is a really nice hand cream. I had received a few packets of it in my first couple of Maven boxes, and had been trying it after using the "Facial for Hands" glycolic scrub, which I dearly adore. I like using it in the morning before I head out, though during winter I try really hard to minimize sun exposure altogether via gloves + pockets. I like to use the Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener in the evening, and this in the morning.

The smell is not too bad, though the SPF adds a little bit of the "sunscreen" scent, though I cannot complain given what it is doing for my skin. It has a nice texture, again with a little bit of sunblock quality, but hey, it is a great product. I have not seen any drying of my hands from using it.

I will more than likely buy another of these when mine runs out. I am liking it for fall+winter -- I might need my Neutrogena SPF 90+ for spring+summer because I am transparent and vampiric -- but for now, it's in my "using daily" stash. :)

Giveaway Alert!

For those of you Julep fans out there, Beauty Tidbits has a giveaway up for a box! Go ahead and take a look!

Julep Maven - December 2011 "Bombshell"

A few weeks ago, I received a Christmas present in the mail!

... I mean, my Julep Maven box. :D

I stuck with Bombshell for this month, tempted though I was by the appliqués of some of the other boxes. But most of you know that I cannot get enough of rich burgundies and crimsons, and since Demi was one the polish of the month, I was lost in its creamy burgundy-ness. Also, and maybe someone can prove me wrong, but I imagine appliqués do not work so well in little, not-grown-out nails? I want to try them... but when I have some visible nail line. ;)

Soooo... I got...

OMG, the prettiness. I just love how it all color-coordinates... both with the items themselves and their wrapping and, magically, my couch!

So I received the polish, Demi, their fast-dry topcoat, a pomegranate body crème, and a special little glitter pot. I am not too lotion-happy, but this smells divine, and I was fortunate enough not to have mine leak at all!

So that's my December box. As always, it was just lovely. :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Conscious Box Giveaway Winner!

I drew today for the Conscious Box winner!

Yay!!! Congrats to Federica!

I am so excited to have hosted this giveaway for you guys and I hope that you had fun too. :) Thank you all for participating! I hope to have something else coming up soon!

I will contact Federica and if I do not receive a reply, I will re-draw on Friday. :)

Monday, December 26, 2011

Giveaway Reminder!

Reminder - my Conscious Box giveaway runs until midnight my time tonight!

Really love it? Remember, I will ship it internationally! I added three more ways to enter... go for it, loves! Share it on and get extra chances to win! I also added a link to the Julep giveaway. :)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Julep Giveaway!

Good morning, darlings!

Don't forget that Julep is running an amazing full-color set giveaway on Facebook!

Also, if you follow somebody's link to get to the giveaway, you give me a shot at winning a Julep Maven subscription for life, lol. Polish pix forever for you!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Product Review - Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste "Cinnamon Burst"

I have another old Birchbox trial for you guys today! I have a special toothpaste from Supersmile for you guys this morning.
This came in my November Birchbox, and I have been using it on and off (mostly as I have reached for it half-awake in the mornings, lol). Mine came in the flavor "Cinnamon Burst."

This is a nice little product. I liked my sample of it, and I am really excited to maybe try out the Green Apple flavor as well. I suppose I should not be seduced by the flavor as opposed to the product, lol, but green apple anything (hello, Mr. Smirnoff) makes me a happy girl.

I did not really notice any real difference in my teeth using it, though I am not the best for dental habits admittedly, and I also had to rotate it with a regular, super-sensitivity-inhibiting toothpaste too because otherwise I can't eat anything cold or even mildly sweet.

Cute Birchbox sample, though I think I would have to see them release a sensitivity + whitening toothpaste to jump over to it. Still, I a really intrigued by an apple-flavored toothpaste, as Birchbox has on their site! Am I oblivious to this being a huge trend?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Product Review - Julep "Nail Therapy"

It is with sad regret that I announce the death of my first bottle of Julep's "Nail Therapy" treatment/basecoat.

My Julep "Nail Therapy" lasted from my first Julep Maven box, months ago, and came with me all the way into this holiday season. This is an amazing product.

You can use it, as the website suggests, either as a separate "therapy" treatment or as a basecoat. It dries really quickly -- I would often toss on a coat of this before I headed out for the day, and then actually polish my nails over it that night. I also could always tell if there was a nail that missed its Nail Therapy basecoat, because polish would not adhere as well, and the nails often would be weaker.

This is also a great choice to solidify a small tear in the nail. In some ways it seems more solid than even a mere nail polish, but it is super thin and does not overly build up a manicure.

My only comment to frequent users of this product is that you should be very careful to seal  your bottles carefully between uses to preserve hydration. Near the end of my bottle it got it a little bit gummy, probably because I am the worst at sealing my polish/treatment bottles.

I loved using this product underneath all of my manicures, and I am grateful to my little bottle for months of great work! Hopefully I will be able to pick up another one soon -- this is the best product I have found as a basecoat, especially for my Maven reviews. :)

Giveaway Alert - Meisie's Nails!

There are lots of wonderful holiday/follower giveaways running right now! Take a look at this nice one from a pretty blog - "Meisie's Nails"!

I love Catrice products, but I rarely find them in the US. Head to her blog to enter!

Polish Review - Zoya "Holly"

I have a beautiful nail polish to share with everyone today! I have Zoya's "Holly" from their Holiday 2011 "Gems and Jewels" collection. I would have chosen this one myself, but it was sent to me in my November 2011 Birchbox as a half-sized sample. I may have to buy the full-size eventually -- it's beautiful!

You can really see the depth and texture of this polish, even in the bottle. I love greens and blues like this -- I think this one honestly looks like a true emerald green. 
Forgive the dent (in #15) -- I think I may have smacked my nail wheel against the desk right after I swatched it.

As you can see, I do not have anything in my collection quite like "Holly."

I wore it as a pedicure color, since I wanted to get a good feel for how long it wore. It lasted fairly nicely, though I admit that I rarely am as much of a stickler for chipping or "mushing" on toes as I am on fingers. It is a fabulous color on, and looks great.

As a caveat, it takes forever to dry. I think I may have given this an overnight between coats, and the second coat still started to gum up a little bit. Definitely not a quick manicure, but so worth it once it is on and where it is supposed to be!

I also bought "Twila" from this collection from Birchbox when it had free shipping. Overall the collection is very original and very, very pretty.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Product Review - Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in Bronze

Hello, everyone!

I have a product from my October 2011 Birchbox to share with you. I received a small tube of Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Under Makeup Primer in the "Bronze" shade.

Although I know better, since I have no real facial bone structure to speak of without it, I rarely wear a blush or bronzer/sculptor product. I am so glad that I received this product, because now I most definitely do, and I can definitely tell that my beauty regimen is improved because of it. I have worn it both under my foundation, as it is supposed to be worn, and on top as more of a blusher.

I have more bluish undertones than golden, but this works very well overall. I am glad that I had the chance to try it, and I finally look like I have some cheekbones! I will definitely be repurchasing this once I run out of my trial.

Conscious Box - December 2011

I have a special treat for everyone today! Like I mentioned on Facebook, it has been a sort of horrible past couple weeks for me. I endured through finals week, only to get knocked out with a serious infection and an even more serious allergic reaction to the antibiotics they gave me to knock out the infection, lol, so I have not been really lucid since December began.

That apology out of the way, I have something to share with you that should have been posted a few weeks ago, but it's getting love now. I have... the December Conscious Box!

This was a product sent to me for review. I am vegetarian, and I was really impressed with their mission -- and by the chance to try a lot of nice products that are the kind of things I would be very tempted by if I were at Whole Foods or a co-op.

As you can see, this box is jam-packed with goodies!

 The following treats were included in my Conscious Box:

1. Yummy Earth - Lollipop in Pomegranate Pucker
2. Reserveage - Red wine antioxidant tablets
3. Mineral Fusion - Body cream
4. Amazing Grass - Superfood boost
5. Dr. Tungs - Toothbrush sanitizer
6. Yogi Tea - Tea sampler
7. Berryplus - Laundry soap
8. Dropwise - Aromatherapy sampler
9. Chimes - Ginger candies
10. 22 Days - Mocha bar
11. Eat Cleaner - Food wipe
12. Earth Friendly Products - Non-toxic air-freshener with cinnamon oils
13. Sparklehearts - Lotion
14. Justin's Nut Butter - Almond Butter sample
15. Sacred Mountain Herbs - Soap samples

Conscious Box costs $19 a month, including shipping. You can also buy extended subscriptions for a little bit of savings. :)

This is really an amazing subscription. I have multiple monthly beauty/product subscriptions, but I think this one might be one of my favorites by far. I love the treats -- I'm just hoping that they keep them all vegetarian like this month's was! I just signed up, too, since this first box was provided to me for free.

I plan to review many of these products over the upcoming weeks, though there are a few, like the toothbrush sanitizer, that I plan to hold until I travel or otherwise may need them a bit more.

And don't forget, guys, if you are hooked, you can enter to win a beautiful free Conscious Box at my giveaway until the day after Christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Conscious Box Giveaway!

Hey guys!

I wanted to remind all of you that I will be extending my Conscious Box giveaway to the day after Christmas! I hope you enjoy the extension.

To enter, fill out this form:

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Conscious Box Giveaway!

Hey guys!

I have something special for you guys today. I am hosting a giveaway of a Conscious Box!

This is a beautiful new company with a great mission that is very new. I received one of their boxes to review earlier in the week, and as soon as finals are done, I will be sharing my box with all of you and looking through all of the goodies in that box a couple at a time. But trust me -- it's amazing, and filled with products that are great both for you and for the planet.

Each person will get an entry for each of the following things:

1. "Follow" the blog.
2. Like the Caryatid Couture Facebook page.
3. Comment on this blog with what you like out of the Conscious Box on the website or from my blog once the entry for the December box is up.
4. Get a friend to "like" the page and/or "follow" the blog.

Entries will be accepted until December 26, 2011 at 11:59p Mountain time. This is -2 from Eastern. Winners will be selected at random and emailed, then I will pass along your contact information to Conscious Box so you can get your freebie. :)

Make sure that you are 18 or have permission to enter, don't whine, and have fun. Otherwise, enjoy!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Giveaway Alert!

Hey guys!

Just to let all of you know, one of my favorite blogs, All that is Gorgeous, is doing an awesome giveaway for getting 100 followers! Go here to sign up!