Sunday, March 11, 2012

Polish Review - Hard Candy "Beetle"

Happy Sunday, everyone! I have a break week coming up. Anybody else?

However, to get you through your Sunday, I have a special polish review for you! I picked up Hard Candy "Beetle" last fall. Isn't it gorgeous? (#5, in the center)

This is a stunning multichrome shimmer-foil that goes between a dark fuschia purple (most visible above), olive green, and a brown-copper. I have heard it compared to Orly "Space Cadet" a few times as well as a few other polishes that are escaping my brain at the moment. I personally don't have any dupes, but I know that it is the dupe for some expensive polishes out there!

The wear on this polish was amazing. I only had the most minimal edgewear, and my nails are in horrible condition right now. Usually when they're short, they peel like a mofo. This one lasted so well! It wore for a week before I had the chipped polish urge to pick it off.

I LOVE this polish and look forward to trying other Hard Candy products in the future! You can probably find this polish at Wal-Mart, where I did.

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