Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birchbox - February 2012

I have a few more subscriptions to share with you guys today. Next up is my February Birchbox. Honestly, I think I was jinxed this month! I could not have picked a worse selection for myself, after I saw all of the options. :\ Luckily, I think I will probably use most of the products, eventually -- I just wasn't excited, especially after I saw the other boxes that went out.

So what was actually in here?

1. Benta Berry - G-1 Moisturizing Face Cream for Boys and Girls - 3ml - $2.10
2. Colorescience Pro - Glow and Go Travel Puff - 1 puff - $10.00
3. Eye Rock - Designer Liner - 1 sheet - $9.16
4. LA Fresh - Eco-Beauty Waterproof Makeup Remover - 2 wipes - $1.25
5. Nail File (Extra)
6. Green River Ordinance Digital Download (Extra)

= $22.51 in products.

Why do I feel so disappointed? It was definitely worth the money, but... :\

I think it's because of a few problems with each item. First of all, I really like the moisturizer sample, but it's so small, it's going to be hard to evaluate it next to the Chanel. Second, I don't really want to try a new product when I'm "on the go" with the foundation, and on the Birchbox website, my account showed that I would get a compact with the foundation. So it's not all that useful to me as a "to-go" makeup item, since I can't trust something untried when I'm on a trip (especially since 99% of light foundations don't work on me, as they are too dark). 

Third, while I like the idea of the eyeliner tattoos, I'm confused how to apply them (YouTube, here I come), and even if I can, there are only one or two designs that I can plan on wearing on a regular basis because they are so large. As for the makeup wipes, those are the kinds of things I expect to pick up for free anyway -- and two is not a deluxe sample. The lifestyle extras are super disappointing this month, too -- I don't really care for indie rock, though I'll go ahead and download/listen when I have some free time, and the nail file is cute, but I think a lot of people are trying to stay away from this kind of emery board in favor of glass and crystal ones...

What (better!) boxes did you guys get? I feel like they did not take my profile into account at all, and I really feel like I got the worst assemblage of products that was out there this month. I'm jealous of the girls with Zoyas and other really nice products!

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