Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birchbox - March 2012 [Teen Vogue Box]

Finally, I have my Teen Vogue Birchbox!

It came in a normal Birchbox, but with a special sleeve:

Inside were:

1. Essie - Luxeffects "As Gold as It Gets" - Full size - $5.00
2. Kate Spade New York - "Twirl"  - 0.05oz - $2.25
3. Kérastase - "Elixir Ultime" - 0.16oz - $1.80
4. Tarte - "LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint" in "Lucky" - Full size - $24.00
5. Twistband - Hair Tie - 1 tie - $2.00

Total = $35.05

This was a great Birchbox! I am really glad that I had opted in on the Teen Vogue offer. I do wish that there was a signature "Lifestyle Extra" like in the regular boxes, though I suppose the Twistband could count for that.

I do like that I received a matte Tarte gloss, though I am hoping to trade it for the nude or an orange/beige/red/gold toned one... I really can't get away with pinks. :\

What was in yours?


  1. Where in the world do you get Essies for 5 bucks? It's 8 everywhere I know of! Fab box - I am close to giving in and getting Birchbox <3

    1. I can usually find them at some local salons for around $4-6 depending on the sales (which happen pretty often). They're also pretty cheap on Amazon. :)

  2. I received the same box as you :). Did you have any trouble opening your Tarte lipsurgence? The lid on mine is like sealed shut, so when I pulled the bottom actually came out lol.

    1. The lid was on tight, but it came off without too much trouble. I would call Tarte, honestly!