Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Target Beauty Bag - Summer 2012

... I really hope there is a fall edition of this coming soon!

While I "take a break" (which all of you may read correctly as "procrastinate"), I wanted to get up a post about the Target Beauty Bag for Summer 2012. I have been seeing these coming out seasonally now, either via a lucky receipt recipient or, for the rest of us, via Target's Facebook page.

This summer, it came in the most gorgeous little bag. I love the color! It even is supplementing my little Coach makeup bag as the "everyday" makeup holder-bag.

And inside:

There were lots of really nice, drugstore-brand samples inside. Nothing too expensive, of course, because Target is marketing products that they stock, but certainly a nice mix of samples regardless.

I was extremely pleased by the mix of samples. Two are products I already purchase (the Revlon and Neutrogena), and even though I buy a higher SPF, this is still a great value to receive! :)

Inside were:
1. Aveeno - Living Color Color Preserving Shampoo for Medium-Thick Hair- .3oz - $0.17
2. Aveeno - Living Color Color Preserving Conditioner for Medium-Thick Hair- .3oz -$0.16
3. Garnier - Fructis Color Shield Shampoo - .34oz - $0.07
4. Garnier - Fructis Color Shield Conditioner - .34oz - $0.09
5. TRESemme - Split Remedy Shampoo - 1oz - $0.16
6. TRESemme - Split Remedy Conditioner - 1oz - $0.16
7. Neutrogena - Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen in SPF 70 - 1oz - $2.83
8. Revlon - Color Burst Lip Butter in Peach Parfair - Foil Sample - ?

... and of course the bag itself. :) Not sure on a value for it, though I really like it!

Total value on the products is $3.64 without the Revlon and the bag. Definitely worth the fifteen seconds to fill out a form. Reviews to come on all... eventually!

Pixi Giveaway!

Hey guys!

I have a special treat for you guys today! I am cohosting a giveaway with some lovely other bloggers for the Pixi line of products.

I really like Pixi's products. I received two in my Sindulge boxes earlier this year -- a polish and a eyeshadow. The polish was definitely not my color, so it went to my mother, who really liked it. The eyeshadow is now my go-to eyeshadow. Gorgeous pigmentation and staying power! ;)

You can win the lip and line pictured above, and please also take time to visit the other bloggers who are featured on this giveaway.

You also must be 18 or older, and the contest is only open to US residents. Sorry to my international followers -- but I promise there is something special coming up soon for you guys. ;)

The winner will be emailed and have 48 hours to respond.  If no response is received in that 48-hour period, your prize will be considered forfeit and a new winner will be chosen. 
Disclosure: I received no compensation for this review or giveaway but affiliate links are being used. Opinions expressed are mine and mine alone.  Any questions or concerns about this giveaway please contact Sarah and

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Julep - September 2012 Maven Picks!

Hey guys!

Today I put together a quick post to show you the choices for Julep. I am really tempted by the nail wardrobe upgrade, so please tell me if that complete set is something you would like to see swatched on the blog.

Following the style profile image is a link to Julep's blog, where they have some swatches.

Julep's Bombshell swatches.

Julep's Boho Glam swatches.

Julep's American Beauty swatches.

Julep's It Girl swatches.

Julep's Classic With a Twist swatches.

And this one is the set of all of them. Even the mascara is tempting me! Do you guys think I should go for the upgrade? And which style will you pick?

If anyone is interested in trying the program for a penny, as I am sure just about all of you have by now, lol, you can follow this link and enter the code "PENNY". If I get a certain number of referrals, then I think I get a box for free or a discount. I'd be happy to refer anyone, though it's just a good deal to get a starter box for a penny anyway, since Julep usually packs the starter kits really well.

Monday, August 20, 2012

OPI's James Bond Collection - A Creative Affair


I just saw over on College Fashion that there is a new OPI set coming out based on what may really be my favorite film franchise of all time (and at least my favorite set in the last ten-fifteen years): the Bond movies.

Being bored (actually, procrastinating), I decided not to look at the colors and to create what would be my own Bond collection, if I were designing for OPI. I did see the two for Man With the Golden Gun and Spy Who Loved Me, but I will try to be fair in spite of knowing what OPI did with them. As a warning, though, there are a few I have never seen out of the movies (scandalous, I am well aware...), so those are omitted below. So if any of these others happen to overlap, then my brainwaves and OPI's designers' must be aligned!

1. Doctor No - Honey's Shells
    A pale shell-pink creme with just a hint of white microshimmer, inspired by Honey Rider's iconic bikini.

2. From Russia With Love - Hidden Microfilm
    A rich black creme with a rubbery finish. Tough but glamorous, just like the KGB.

3. Goldfinger - Golden Galore
    An innevitable gold like its namesake, Goldfinger throws a wrinkle into its predictability by being a harvest gold matte, packed with copper-brown undertones. Perfect for a tough, mod girl who loves her metals.

4. Thunderball - Something to Put On
    In homage to one of the classic Bond femme fatales, this shimmer-filled light turquoise might just turn you into a bad girl too.

5. You Only Live Twice - SPECTRE of a Volcano
    This dark, firey red-orange creme is lava-hot, just like SPECTRE's volcanic fortress.

6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - A Diamond for Tracy
    The ice of the Swiss alps and the single time Bond was ever married unite to produce this silver foil with holographic hex-glitter that catch the light, just like Tracy's ring.

7. Diamonds Are Forever - Tiffany's Hoard
    We think diamond smuggler Tiffany Case would have appreciate this polish, also inspired by diamonds -- this one is a dark blue glitter, packed with medium to dark blue shimmer.

8. Live and Let Die - Live and Let Polish
    This murky, medium camo-green creme polish might call to mind the Louisiana swamp. We hope you have a Q-approved boat!

9. The Man With the Golden Gun - She Charges a Million a Nail
    This bright yellow-gold foil has nearly a mirror finish, but unlike a golden gun, it hopefully it won't be the last thing you see...

10. The Spy Who Loved Me - Stilettos Full of Sand
     Russian agent Anya Amasova may never want to see sand again after her tenure in Egypt, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate this sand-colored creme.

11. Moonraker - Double-Zero-Gravity
    This rich, midnight blue is packed with a black microshimmer that might send you flocking to the moon, too.

12. For Your Eyes Only - Your Island Only
    When you can't make it to your own Greek island retreat, remember the beauty of it with this dark teal creme, reminiscent of the clear Mediterranean waters.

13. Octopussy - Uh-Oh Where'd You Find That Calamari?
     In addition to celebrating the brilliant colors of the Indian setting of Octopussy, we like to think this polish is in honor of the eponymous character's beloved pet, this pale orange polish is packed with screaming violet glitter. Just make sure the real critter doesn't end up breaded.

14. A View to a Kill - May Day! May Day!
    If this dark purple polish calls to mind Grace Jones, it's probably because the iconic Jamaican actress' costuming inspired this rich shade of violet.

17. Goldeneye - Onatopp Coat
    This gold and black glitter top coat will make even your worst enemies respect you.

18. Tomorrow Never Dies - M Stands for More Polish
    We think even Bond's proper British supervisor, M, couldn't resist this pelican grey polish, perfected with just a hint of a shimmer.

19. The World is Not Enough - Bloody Sexy
    You may just be a Bond Girl by sporting this vampy burgundy creme polish -- but even a Bond Girl gets what's coming to her when she's trying to corrupt a double-oh.

20. Die Another Day - Frosty Reception
    Miranda Frost might have "ice queen" down perfect, but even she would love this light lavender creme, laced with a double dose of silver shimmer.

21. Casino Royale - Half a Measure of Kina Lillet 
   Like the Vesper for which Bond's new martini is named, we think you'll love this classic dark red. Pair it with a dark, smoky eye and a matching lipstick, and nobody at the table will be looking at their cards.

22. Quantum of Solace - Just Fields
    This pale khaki creme would be in place in Siena or Bolivia. Just don't inhale any oil if you're caught wearing it.

I hope you guys like this! Now I'm off to see what OPI really is doing...

Comment below with what you would have designed! And what's your favorite Bond movie? Mine is by and far Casino Royale, but Thunderball is definitely the runner-up.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vlogger Share

Hey guys!

I just wanted to take a minute and my favorite vlogger with you. I actually had a long conversation the other day with a follower and Facebook friend about vlogging, and I think that we reached a consensus that when it is done well, it is a fantastic way of reviewing and sharing products.

So without further ado, I just want to point you all to the Beauty Fool Review here, which is a daily check-in for me. I love her videos -- her personality is fantastic, and she has a lot of confidence that comes across on camera. She has awesome box openings and haul videos, and I cannot tell you guys how many products I have bought because of her recommendations. She is extremely aware of different skin types and concerns, and has a huge range of subscriptions that should give a good idea of the boxes for anyone interested in them.

I started following during the GoGoGirlfriend scandal (and her videos are some of the best documentation of the GGG Fiasco online), and I have been addicted to her videos ever since. If you are looking for an extremely intelligent and personable vlogger, and you have any interest in beauty, you should be subscribed to her channel.

Comment below to share some more vloggers!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birchbox - June 2012 [Box II]

... and here is my second June Birchbox!

Why yes, those are more Comodynes. I somehow managed to get them in both boxes! Make it stop!

So a lot of repeat items in here, but honestly, the Stila alone was probably worth the cost of the box. I am giving the Comodynes to my mother, along with the extra Taylor Swift (which I received a long while back in my first Birchbox subscription), and the extra sample of the lip stain, which I also received in Box I.

1. Comodynes - Self-Tanning Intensive & Uniform Color - 2 towelettes - $2.75
2. theBalm - Stainiac in Beauty Queen - .04oz - $2.26
3. Taylor Swift - "Wonderstruck" Perfume - .04oz - $0.61 
4. Luna - Peanut Butter Cookie - .7oz - $0.44
5. Stila - One-Step Bronze - Full Size - $36.00

= $42.06

Annnnnd... a Luna bar! You guys know how I love bars. :D I am looking forward to using the Stila bronzer. I won't use it as a primer or all-over, but I do use bronzers for sculpting, so this is so awesome to receive.

Birchbox - June 2012 [Box I]

Hey guys!

In the procession of box catchups, here is my first account's Birchbox for June 2012.

Sorry for how dim the picture is - I photographed late, late at night.

Inside were:

1. Comodynes - Self-Tanning Intensive & Uniform Color - 2 towelettes - $2.75
2. Masque-ology - Brightening Mask - 1 mask - $8.00
3. theBalm - Stainiac in Beauty Queen - .04oz - $2.26
4. Supergoop - SPF 30+ Everyday UV Lotion for Face and Body - 10ml - $0.90
5. Modcloth - Headband in Red/White Polka Dots - 1 headband - $13.99

= $27.90

This was an okay box. I am absolutely tired of tanning products, but... eh. I give them to my mother, so hopefully she can get some benefit from them. The mask looks awesome and tackles a lot of problems that I endure, and it's always nice to get makeup and accessories. The Supergoop will get a workout at some point, but it is going to have to show up the 110+ SPF sunscreen I use from Neutrogena to become a staple.

What did you guys get? Look out for a second box to be posted shortly!

Glossybox - June 2012

Hey guys!

After a lot of debate and delay, I finally went ahead and subscribed to Glossybox for June. Long story short, I was not able to continue my subscription for July because the card I use for subscriptions was stolen and I was not able to activate a new debit card yet, but... I am not too heartbroken. It looks like June was a decent box, but I would not have been particularly pleased with July's anyway.

It comes in an uber-Parisian, uber-feminine box:

I'm not girly, but it feels like you should be getting a Chanel No. 5-scented floppy hat in this box, so I appreciate the powder pink in spite of itself.

Cute little assemblage -- I recognize some of the products and some are new.

Now, Glossybox is $21.00 a month. That would be awesome if there were Burberry products like the gorgeous lipstick that I saw coming out in the first box, but we'll see how this one stacks up. I like the products, but they do not strike me as that much better than what I would find in a Birchbox or Sample Society.

1. vbeaute - Eye Never - 1ml - $4.75
2. vbeaute - Buying Time - 1ml - $2.80
3. vbeaute - Lite Up - 1ml -  $5.00
4. Wella - Moisturizing Treatment - .84oz - $2.57
5. A Perfume Organic - Urban Organic - .3 ml - $1.63
6.  Ofra - Eyeshadow Ice - Goldilocks - Full Size - $17.50
7. Ahava - Mineral Botanic - Velvet Cream Wash in Hibiscus & Fig - 3oz - $3.29
8. First Aid Beauty - Smooth Shave Cream - 2oz - $7.28

= $44.82

So this is clearly fiscally worth the price, though I think the eyeshadow really determines whether or not it is theoretically worth it. I got a really nice (though really blendable) color that will be pretty nice to have. I think it is actually my first creme eyeshadow, so that's cool. Unfortunately I only got half of a perfume sample. :\

Everything is really usable and I am looking forward to trying everything. If it was on the same level every month, it might challenge Julep for my favorite, but having seen July's already... eh. On the fence for resubscribing after Debit Card Apocalypse...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Giveaway Announcement!

Hey guys! I am back with another chance for a lucky winner to receive a Conscious Box this month! I hope that all of you enjoy this giveaway. Conscious Box was extremely kind to offer this giveaway through my blog this month, and I am happy to pass it along to you guys! :)

Please note that it is only open to US addresses this time. This giveaway will be closed on August 31, 2012 at 11:59p, MDT.

Product Review - Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo

Hey guys! Today I have a really nice product to share with you that I received in my Beauty Army box awhile back: the Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo.

I used a dry shampoo from TRESemmé until I got ahold of Pssssst! through Beauty Army, so this was not my first dry shampoo, but I like this much more than the TRESemmé product. While this is not now my absolute favorite dry shampoo, it is my second favorite, and a more economical choice for some than my top pick, which is the Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo. 

This leaves a bit of white residue, which dissipates quickly after brushing (note brushing, not combing -- combing takes forever to get rid of it!). It is best for getting rid of hair oil, and it works great for mornings where you either cannot grab a shower, or for traveling, when you want to look good upon arrival. I honestly am very happy with this product -- I just think the Oscar Blandi keeps the oil down for longer, and it has much less residue. 

I definitely recommend this product, and since it is available in a great 1.76 TSA-friendly size, I can almost guarantee that this will be in my 1-quart less-than-three-ounce-toilettries bag again the next time that I fly!