Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sindulge - March 2012

I had another subscription box that I tried for a penny to share with you guys next. I subscribed to Sindulge, one of the newer monthly boxes out there.

Sindulge is a little bit different in that it has "tailored boxes" based off of a video or web-based consultation with one of Sindulge's consultants. Now, I have to admit that my box did not seem very tailored at all, especially compared with a lot of the other boxes I saw other subscribers had received. I had a long email conversation back and forth with my consultant, since only one of the products discussed actually was sent in my box. Long story short, I received a second month's subscription for free, though my consultant also said that products essentially are only sent out based on what supplies Sindulge has, and the consults may or may not therefore accurately guarantee what you receive... oh well. We'll see what I get next month, I guess.

So the box comes in a cute little envelope-box...

Inside, I received:

1. La Fresh - Waterproof Makeup Remover - 24 wipes - $5.98
2. Benefit - My Place or Yours Gina - 0.05oz - $1.80
3. Jouer - Lip Enhancer - Full size - $14.00
4. Youngblood - Eye Impact Quick Recovery Eye Cream - 0.01oz - $1.16
5. Youngblood - Hi-Definition Hydrating Mineral Perfecting Powder in Warmth - 0.02oz - $2.00
6. Youngblood - Mineral Primer - 0.17oz - $1.42

Total = $26.36

I guess this is a worthwhile subscription. I'm a little tired of the La Fresh wipes, since I think this is the third time I've received them. The other products are okay, but they're the sort of thing that I had specifically said I did not actually want, either because of their color or because they are skincare products. However, I will have another month to evaluate them, and perhaps next month will wow me like it did for some subscribers this month.

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