Saturday, March 10, 2012

Julep Maven - March 2012 "Boho Glam"

Hello, everyone!

First off, today, I have the March 2012 "Boho Glam" Julep Maven box. This was honestly the first time I ever considered skipping a month of Julep fairly seriously. Some of the colors appealed to me, but none of the combinations -- I definitely did not like all of the three in the It-Girl box, but I didn't really want another argan oil product, since I have Orofluido already. I did go ahead and get it, though if the selections are similar next month, I might actually break down and not buy the month! :O

It came in a cute little purple bag with an extra nail file. I lost my glass file, so I sort of wish they had sent another of those, but this is still handy. :)

You can see that Alicia looks very orange on this card...

Not so much in real life. It's a salmon pink, not a salmon orange, if that makes sense.

As for Portia, Portia is not only a teal-tinted clone of Vanessa, but I have a dead-on dupe for it. I'm going to save swatches for when I do a solo review of Portia, but as a teaser:

Yes, kids, that's a cheap Wal-Mart Pure Ice over there. Oh well. Hopefully next month will wow me?

Which style did you guys get?

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  1. I am dying for Alicia I wish I did boho instead of my classic with a twist!!