Saturday, March 24, 2012

Conscious Box - March 2012

I have a lovely March Conscious Box for you tonight! I have to admit -- I was completely overwhelmed by the size of the items in this month's box!

In the box was:

1. MixtBag Yellow and Blue Corn Tortilla Chips - 1.5oz - $0.44
2. Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie - 1 cookie [Coupon Code with no shipping charge/not pictured] - $2.00
3. eBoost Pink Lemonade Packet - 1 packet - $0.98
4. Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Crackers -.5 oz - $0.33
5. Olbas Lozenges - 1 lozenge - $0.24
6. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds - 1 packet - $1.50
7. Java Juice Original Coffee Extract - 1 packet - $0.98
8. Good Kind Coffee Creamer -  2oz - $1.80
9. Tea Forte Minteas - 1 tin -  $1.87
10. Olivella Body Lotion - 0.1oz - $0.10
11. Healthy to Go! Acai Energy Boost - 1 packet - $0.67
12. Tera's Whey Pomegranate Cranberry Goat Whey Protein - $2.17

Total = $13.08

Soooo... I feel really bad, because I was actually really impressed by this month's Conscious Box. I know I'm going to use almost every item in here, and they are exciting because they're things I'll actually enjoy using. Still, this was worth a lot less than the other boxes, and while it covered the "price" of the box at $12, usually I prefer subscriptions also to cover the cost of shipping in the value of the products (especially since most services "roll in" the price of shipping into the monthly cost, period). 

I really hope to see next month wow. I have a lot of friends that I know are giving Conscious Box a shot, and I hate to see that it might be losing its luster in any way! Still, everything in here is great, and I think a lot of people are going to really find this an appealing box. :)

EDIT: As one of my lovely readers pointed out, the box does also come with a $5 and a $15 "gift card" to some sustainable-sensitive companies. However, when I went on the sites to spend them, I noticed that all products (with shipping) came to a good amount higher than the gift cards' worth, forcing you to spend some money to use your cards.

As standard practice, I tend not to count discount codes or gift codes when they come in boxes, but in this case, it does really add to the value of the box if you find something on either website that you really like!


  1. Thanks for your review. I've been thinking of giving Conscious Box a try.

  2. cool review! Don't forget the $15 and $5 gift certificates too though! I used both of them and got some great stuff from both companies so I was really impressed by this month's box!!

    1. Good point! I'll edit to point those two out.

      Honestly, I rarely include codes and discounts/gift cards because I've noticed retailers deliberately select amounts that require you to still spend some money on their website. I was really upset with the $5 one because I found a cute $4 item, but it wouldn't even apply the extra buck to shipping. I don't appreciate that kind of marketing.