Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love With Food - March 2012

Two more boxes to go to share with you guys today!

Yesterday I received my free Love With Food box. I was really looking forward to this: I love these kinds of food boxes, and I cook a lot when I'm not feeling too down. I was hoping that this box might jumpstart my cooking energy.

What's wrong with me this month? Am I getting too picky, or am I just striking out on subscriptions? I'm still waiting to be wowed by a February or March box. Here's hoping Conscious Box and Teen Vogue-Birchbox reinstall my faith in monthly subscriptions!

It comes in a cute little red box. I love the fifties theme! The company also donates a free meal to someone in need for each box, each month. :)


So what all was in here?

1. Southeast Asian Charcuterie - Pork & Turkey Flavors - $1.37
2. Organic Energy Bars by Kate's Real Food - $1.16
3. 73% Cocoa Dark Belgian Chocolate with Coffee by New Tree - $1.41
4. Fig Bar by Nature's Bakery - $0.83
5. Organic Popped Fuji Apple Chips by Yogavive - $0.60
6. Hemp Hearts - $0.26

= $5.63

... uh-oh. I think, Houston, we have a problem!

As a reminder, the full subscription price after the free month is $14. It unfortunately is not even worth half of this! This was similar to my issues with My Platinum Box's first month, as well. Subscription companies need to remember that their first few boxes are critical to retaining subscribers. I'm very underwhelmed right now.

I like some of these products. I really do. But I am also a vegetarian, so I can't even use one of them, and will have to donate it to a friend. I wish I loved this... but unfortunately it looks like I don't.

I would be happy to try the box again as a free box to review, but for now, I have canceled my subscription.



  1. i felt the same way! just got mine yesterday and was really disappointed. even though i like investing my money in companies that give back, i just cant justify spending 14 bucks a month on this. i will get my first Conscious Box this month and, like you, i am hopeful! havae you tried the good and lovely box?

  2. Darn, I was really hoping those boxes were going to be good. As a foodie, I always love trying new things :-(