Thursday, March 29, 2012

Beauty Fix - Winter 2011 [Box #1]

So after reviewing my second box first, I now have my first Beauty Fix box!

Beauty Fix seems like a really nice subscription overall. It's a lot different from some of the others in that it's not so much a subscription as a super-product box, and you get to pick your samples. There have been some customer service problems -- and a lot of confusion over whether discount code-users were actually subscribed, but all of those were resolved thanks to some great higher-ups, so my experience has been positive. I honestly would have shelled out the $29.99 (with another discount) for the spring season if they had added more than a few new items.

I got a lot of nice products in my other box, but this one actually was my first round of choices. I picked out:

(Please excuse the bad photo. Between lighting and the flat-bottomed bottles hating my curvy couch, I was just unsuccessful in photographing...)

1. Bioelements Pumice Peel - 0.25oz - $3.20
2. LaLicious - Sugar Kiss Moisturizing Body Scrub - 2oz - $9.50
3. Global Goddess Beauty i Divine Eye Color in "Darjeeling" - Full Size - $5.99
4. Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray - 4oz - $7.99
5. DDF Brightening Cleanser - 2 oz - $8.94
6. Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cleanser - 1oz - $5.60
7. LaRocca Skincare - C-Gold Reparative Primer - 1oz - $28.00
8. iQ Derma Clear Remedy Hydrating Lotion - 3.4oz - $15.00

 = $84.22

Not bad, huh? :)

I selected my products both for price and off of reviews of the products. I admit that I tried a few more expensive things than I may have if I went solely off of "things I want to try", but I'd rather get more bang for my buck -- and I can always pick up cheaper items.

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