Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birchbox - February 2012 [Vichy Box]

Last up, today, I have a special treat (for me)!

I was apparently not originally on the list of subscribers targeted for the Vichy Box. Frankly, I'm not sure why -- I have specified that I am interested in skincare products, and I am constantly looking for new choices in cleansers, moisturizers, and day/night creams...

Anyway, I emailed Birchbox, and they were kind enough to put me on the list to get a box. So, mine came a little bit later than the others (though I have to point out that they rush-shipped it!) but I finally received it yesterday in the mail, only slightly overshadowed by a letter telling me that I'd received a major grant for my summer work. :)


Woooot! I have to admit -- I am really excited about this box. These products seem VERY high quality! I can't wait to try them all, and I promise I will be providing reviews to all of you, too!

So, in the box were:

1. Aqualia Thermal Cream - $11.61 [Moisturizer - Daytime]
2. Lifactiv Night Cream - $11.61 [Night Cream with Rhamnose]
3. Purete Thermale One-Step Cleanser - $2.38 [Cleanser - Cleansing Milk, Toning Lotion, Makeup Remover]
4. Purete Thermale Eye-Makeup Remover - $0.87 [Eye-Makeup Remover]
5. Celludestock - $1.26 [Cellulite Treatment with Caffeine]


Nice set, isn't it? Especially for an extra free box? I can't wait to try these products. I'm so glad the night/day creams are large enough that I can actually get some good use out of them and evaluate them properly.

... also, any product that reminds you not to forget your decolletage makes me smile. :)

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