Friday, June 1, 2012

Product Review - Cloud 9 Raw Chocolate "Original Flavor"

I have such a tasty treat to share with you! I have a lot of product reviews to catch up on, so watch the blog today. ;)

I received a couple samples of these fudges in my Conscious Box a little while back. They did not last very long. I also would like to say that I never actually like brown chocolates. I enjoy white chocolate, but I would never actually go out and buy dark or milk chocolate. This, however, I loved eating. It was so strange! :D

This stuff is so decadent. I cannot describe it any better than that, lol. It tastes incredibly rich, but healthy too. I would love to try the fudge with some nuts in it, maybe. I see a few different options on their website.

I definitely will look at ordering this, and I was really happy by this addition to my Conscious Box!

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