Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Sampling Opportunity!

Hey guys!

I usually do not like to overpost referrals, but I wanted to share one with some of you guys who might not be aware of a newer sampling company that is on the market: Sircle Samples.

Sircle Samples offers samples 100% for free. You receive Sircle Coins for reviewing products and completing product surveys (the surveys are at most three or four questions in length), then you can "spend" the coins on samples and gift cards in their shop. I have received some really neat hair products and cosmetics. One of my favorite eyeshadows came from this site! You are basically guaranteed at least one free product just for filling out a beauty profile. :)

They are adding a lot of new products, so check them out! If you use the link above, I will receive 100 coins, so I would be much much grateful if you would. :)

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