Friday, June 1, 2012

Product Review - Yogavive Fuji Apple Chips in "Strawberry"

Writing product reviews this afternoon is making me hungry...

This is another product that I received from Conscious Box that is just ridiculously good. I love how Conscious Box is keeping me in snacks, and calories probably do not count as much when they are organic, right?

These are probably the best chip substitutes I have ever seen. (Again, I am literally salivating as I write this review and remember how delicious these were). They are crunchy, but sweet, and the sample bag, which was filling, was 35 calories! It might be a little more expensive, but what an alternative to an apple!

I can only imagine how good the caramel flavor would be. This one was in strawberry, and while I am not a big strawberry-aholic, these were just the perfect flavor. :)

Definitely rebuying these, too! I am so happy that I am finding so many awesome products through my Conscious Box subscription.

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