Sunday, June 3, 2012

Product Review - Camille Beckman "Mango Beach" Hand & Shower Cleansing Gel

I can't lie... today's review is a little snarky.

So most of you know the scoop on GoGoGirlfriend by now. If you don't, the verdict is that this is just short of a Posh Pod caliber scam, and never, ever, ever let them have your money. That said, I actually received two... assemblages of products of varying levels of "junk" during my tenure as a consumer of GGG, and this was in my piles.

So I am trying really hard not to let the source of this product skew my review. Although apparently GGG started actually breaking up (lol) these sets of Camille Beckman products, this one actually did come in a complete bath set, as pictured above.

I have only used the Hand & Shower Cleansing Gel so far. As you can see, there were a few other products, but I have yet to use them. It was a... pretty unremarkable product. Apparently these products are "worth" (read: priced at) $11.95. It looks like something I would pick up at the dollar store, though...

In spite of some really nice botanical extracts, it also has sodium laureth sulfate as its number two ingredient. I am not a huge stickler on these kinds of things, but for something that's such a luxury brand... seriously?

Oh well. I sort of wish I had just used this as a travel set instead of something else, but I wanted to give an honest review of these instead of just assuming they were on the junkier side. I wish I could report that they were not. Oh well... GGG continues to be a barrel of fun, even after having unsubscribed in December.

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  1. I was also subscribed to GoGoGirlfriend for a while. It was disappointing.