Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Product Review - NewTree Dark Chocolate and Coffee in "Vigor"

Hey guys! Before I get to my product review, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who have been using my Sircle Samples referral link. I have had a bunch of readers join with it, and I am SO grateful to you guys! Thank you all bunches. I hope you get some cool stuff through the program!

 This afternoon I have a product that came in my Conscious Box a few months ago: the NewTree dark chocolate and coffee bar. I think this is the cutest idea, especially for chocoholics -- caffeine and chocolate must be a good combo for you guys, right? :P

I did enjoy this product, though I admit to having eaten my bar samples at a time when I was on a "ingesting more caffeine than any other nutrient" week of my life, so I did not see much of the energizing effect that they advertise. I imagine that there would be one for normal, not-caffeine-addicted human beings. As it is, it is a tasty bar. I seem to really like dark chocolates more than non-dark chocolates. The raw/natural flavor is really apparent and less chocolate-y to me...

I would definitely like to try more of these, especially when I can appreciate their role as little chocolate energy bars. I think this is a really nice little company, and I was happy to try it out.

They have a really pretty website that you guys should check out: They have ginger bars that I would kill peeps to try, lol! I haven't had chocolate and ginger together, but ginger is about one of my favorite things, so it cannot be a bad combination.


  1. I used your Sircle Samples referral and it said it would send an invite, but then I never heard anything more. How long does it take?


  2. Hey Deb,

    I am not sure! Most of them seem to be automatic. Maybe try a new email address and check spam? :)