Friday, June 15, 2012

Fragrance Review - Escada Rockin’ Rio

I was sent a couple of very small postcard samples of Rockin’ Rio from Escada as part of a promotion to try some of their new (?) scents. I know that there were a few other scents that could be requested, but this was the one that was the best suited to me judging both by its descriptions and by the scent profile-survey that interested participants could take.

This is a really nice scent, and I actually did really like the smell. It was a lush fragrance which Sephora describes as young, fruity, and tropical. The problem was with the longevity of the scent. Between when I applied it and when I left the apartment, it had essentially vanished. It was too bad, because I really liked the scent, and I thought it would be a great summer option.

I would be really interested in trying a sample of this at a department store from a tester bottle instead of relying on the little swipe that was included in my postcard. Maybe the formula is different on the cotton swipe than in the bottle? If so, that really is too bad – I was totally ready to love this scent, and if they happened to cut costs on the samples by reducing the carrying component, it would be a bad way to experience the product.

Does anyone reading this blog know if companies generally use a lower quality of carrying oils (I think that would be the correct term – do fix me if I am wrong) in small samples?

P.S. – Who knew that Escada ships out of Budapest? Both of my postcards shipped out of Hungary.

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