Saturday, December 31, 2011

Product Review - Julep "Glitter Pot"

I have pot to share with you all today. LoL.

Specifically, I have this little pot to share with you, the Glitter Pot that came in my December 2011 Julep Maven "Bombshell" box. Isn't it cute? And sparkly? I tried this out with Demi as an accent nail earlier this week. It looked super festive and pretty.

The way that I found works best for a cute little glitter pot like this is to take it in your fingers and sprinkle it on the wet polish of whatever nail you want. Then, you should wait (as I did not) for the polish to completely dry, then add topcoat. I was impatient, and ended up with Demi-covered glitter.

The nails with the glitter did tend to peel more than those that did not have glitter, but I again used the mysterious Julep fast-dry topcoat that may be responsible for peeling...

Please, Julep, put these on sale! I would pay a lot for them. They're a really nice little product, and I want to try the others!

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