Saturday, December 31, 2011

Polish Review - Julep "Demi"

I have a polish that I have worn a few times this month. This one, Demi, came in my December Julep Maven "Bombshell" box. :)

Here, with a flash, you can see it (11) with a little bit of shimmer. :)

As you can see, it is a fairly bright burgundy, though a lovely color. Everyone knows I can never keep my hands off anything in the dark crimsons + burgundy family, so this was a welcome addition and my favorite choice out of all the Maven selections for the month -- and I already am a Bombshell! :)

Now, Demi does seem to have a mystery around her.

... where is Demi?

She's not under reds, pinks, purples, or anything else on Julep's website. Is she an unreleased color? Out of stock? Discontinued? Where is Demi? LoL.

Demi lasted pretty well. It tends to peel, though, and it peeled in some spots pretty quickly. I did apply it this time over my Color Club basecoat, though I think the first time I wore it, I put it over the Nail Therapy one. Both times I used the Julep fast-dry topcoat that also came in my Maven box. Now my topcoat is slightly tinted Demi. Haha. I am kind of tempted to try it over a tried and true polish and see if it makes that one peel as well. Short story: I love Demi, but I'm not sure about this topcoat buddy she brought along. But that's a review for another time...

Overall, I am really glad I picked this color out of my Maven choices. :)

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