Sunday, December 18, 2011

Conscious Box - December 2011

I have a special treat for everyone today! Like I mentioned on Facebook, it has been a sort of horrible past couple weeks for me. I endured through finals week, only to get knocked out with a serious infection and an even more serious allergic reaction to the antibiotics they gave me to knock out the infection, lol, so I have not been really lucid since December began.

That apology out of the way, I have something to share with you that should have been posted a few weeks ago, but it's getting love now. I have... the December Conscious Box!

This was a product sent to me for review. I am vegetarian, and I was really impressed with their mission -- and by the chance to try a lot of nice products that are the kind of things I would be very tempted by if I were at Whole Foods or a co-op.

As you can see, this box is jam-packed with goodies!

 The following treats were included in my Conscious Box:

1. Yummy Earth - Lollipop in Pomegranate Pucker
2. Reserveage - Red wine antioxidant tablets
3. Mineral Fusion - Body cream
4. Amazing Grass - Superfood boost
5. Dr. Tungs - Toothbrush sanitizer
6. Yogi Tea - Tea sampler
7. Berryplus - Laundry soap
8. Dropwise - Aromatherapy sampler
9. Chimes - Ginger candies
10. 22 Days - Mocha bar
11. Eat Cleaner - Food wipe
12. Earth Friendly Products - Non-toxic air-freshener with cinnamon oils
13. Sparklehearts - Lotion
14. Justin's Nut Butter - Almond Butter sample
15. Sacred Mountain Herbs - Soap samples

Conscious Box costs $19 a month, including shipping. You can also buy extended subscriptions for a little bit of savings. :)

This is really an amazing subscription. I have multiple monthly beauty/product subscriptions, but I think this one might be one of my favorites by far. I love the treats -- I'm just hoping that they keep them all vegetarian like this month's was! I just signed up, too, since this first box was provided to me for free.

I plan to review many of these products over the upcoming weeks, though there are a few, like the toothbrush sanitizer, that I plan to hold until I travel or otherwise may need them a bit more.

And don't forget, guys, if you are hooked, you can enter to win a beautiful free Conscious Box at my giveaway until the day after Christmas!

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