Saturday, December 31, 2011

GoGoGirlfriend - December 2011 Sample Box

Hey, guys!

Who else is incredibly glad that 2011 is almost over? This year was... ugh. Summer was pretty fun, but I wish all the rest could get a do-over. There isn't much worse than feeling like ten months was wasted!

Soooo, today I have a new subscription box for you all to see. I have the December (?) sample box from GoGoGirlfriend. Some of you know that I have had some frustrations with this company, mostly based on the shipping schedule compared to when I started paying for the box. I subscribed in early November, did not get a box shipped until December 06, and now I am still waiting on another box, since I signed up for the "a box every month" option. I'm not horribly pleased at this point, though I have not contacted them regarding my concerns yet. I am going to wait another month and make sure that they do not bill me again before I have received two boxes.

On to the box itself, though...

It's a cute little box, and I would say it's worth the half-of-$12.99-every-other-month that I paid for it.

What all is here?

1. Camille Beckman - "Mango Beach" Gift Set - $9.95
2. OluvFresh - Face and Body Scrub - $5.50
3. Blossoms Cosmetics-  Eyeshadow - Dreamy Girl - $5.95
4. Elf - Eye Shadow Crease Brush - $1.00
5. Issey Miyake - "A Scent" Eau de Parfum - $1.00
6. Crystal Essence - Pomegranate Mineral Deoderant Towelette - $0.50

Approximate value - $22.00.

Not too bad, as you can see, though I am not sure I would have spent $22.00 on these products. I am looking forward a lot to trying the eyeshadow and Oluv scrub, and you should get reviews on all of the other products (except for the towelette, which is getting stuck in my purse for an emergency!) soon. :)

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