Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Product Review - Julep "Everyday SPF Hand Cream - SPF 30"

 I have another product from Julep to share with you guys today. I have the "Everyday SPF Hand Cream - SPF 30," which I think came in my October Maven box. I was a horrible blogger all those months ago (lol) so I didn't do a complete post on the whole box at once.
This is a really nice hand cream. I had received a few packets of it in my first couple of Maven boxes, and had been trying it after using the "Facial for Hands" glycolic scrub, which I dearly adore. I like using it in the morning before I head out, though during winter I try really hard to minimize sun exposure altogether via gloves + pockets. I like to use the Glow On Age Defying Hand Brightener in the evening, and this in the morning.

The smell is not too bad, though the SPF adds a little bit of the "sunscreen" scent, though I cannot complain given what it is doing for my skin. It has a nice texture, again with a little bit of sunblock quality, but hey, it is a great product. I have not seen any drying of my hands from using it.

I will more than likely buy another of these when mine runs out. I am liking it for fall+winter -- I might need my Neutrogena SPF 90+ for spring+summer because I am transparent and vampiric -- but for now, it's in my "using daily" stash. :)

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