Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sindulge - April 2012

So, long overdue, I finally got my last Sindulge box. For reference, I had canceled my subscription after an incredibly disappointing March box.

This box was quite a bit better, and I am very grateful that I was offered it for free. I think if they had shipped on time, and if they had checked some of my information that had to do with color choices. :\ I also see a lot of the same brands repeating, which makes me nervous. I also appear to be one of the one of the few people that does like the bags, haha.

1. Pixi Nail Color - #11 Pink Rose - $8.00
2. Skone Cosmetics - Nectar Lipgloss - $2.00
3. YoungBlood - Hi Def Powder - Translucent - $2.29
4. Pixi - Fairy Light Solo - Champagne Glow - $14.00
5. Indie Lee - Coconut Citrus - Body Scrub  - $10.00

= $36.29

I'm not sure why I'm still a little disappointed in this box. I am really happy with the eyeshadow, but the nail polish is not my color, and the body scrub may already be opened... I think I'm done with Sindulge until I see something better coming along.

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