Sunday, May 6, 2012

Polish Review - Julep "Sienna"

Hey guys! I have a polish review for you today.

I have one of my favorite Julep polishes -- Julep "Sienna".

"Sienna" is #4, on the far left. As you can see, if is a really pretty gold foil.

This polish applied with 2-3 coats, depending on how thick you make them. It is very smooth, with virtually no brushstrokes, either.

"Sienna" lasted really well. I wore this, and did some manicures for family/friends with it, over the holidays, and it looks really nice for a long time.

You can see it compares pretty closely to Revlon "Gold Coin" (#6), though the Revlon polish is much frostier and has a few more brushstrokes.

I would really recommend this polish. It's a great pale silvered gold and one that definitely is a necessary color for every collection. I think it should fit most skin tones, too.

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