Saturday, May 26, 2012

Product Review - Soyjoy Blueberry Bar

Hello! This afternoon I have a product from my Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox, which I will be posting about later today. I actually tore into one of the products really quickly. I have been on a lot of medications for another evil antibiotic allergy, and my appetite is gone (which is awesome for dieting, but not to the point where I struggle stuffing in 600 calories a day...), so I have been going through heavier bars to try to maximize my calorie intake when I actually am a little hungry.

I absolutely LOVED this bar. It was a little like biscotti to me for some reason -- maybe the flavor? I loved how healthy it tasted, and it was a treat flavor, not a "I need 10g of protein so I have to eat this". The protein count is a little lower than some bars at 4g, which probably explains the good flavor, but it is such a nice treat.

I am definitely glad that I got this bar, and I want more of them!

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