Sunday, January 29, 2012

Product Reviews - Conscious Box December 2011

Hello, everyone!

I have a couple product reviews to share with you. I have the 22 Days Daily Mocha Bar, and Mineral Fusion Body Lotion in "Waterstone".
The first product I have is the Mocha Bar. Between my sample boxes and a diet, I've really been on a protein bar kick lately. I really did like this one, though I didn't think it was anything with a particular "wow" factor. I still liked it, though, and would definitely munch one again. It was very healthy, and very filling -- probably because high protein counts make my stomach happy. :)

 The next product I have for you right now is the Mineral Fusion Mineral Body Lotion in "Waterstone".

This is probably one of those admissions that will get me censored by some medical agency, but I actually used this on severely chapped lips (don't ingest your lotions, kids). It worked very well, and the chapping was gone in a few days. I also used it on my hands. I can't get over how much I liked the scent. It also lasts really well. I had a little carton of the lotion, and I still have some left.

It's also very inexpensive -- the fullsize I show on the left is only $10.22 on Amazon. :)

These are two products I really recommend!

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