Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Vlogger Share

Hey guys!

I just wanted to take a minute and my favorite vlogger with you. I actually had a long conversation the other day with a follower and Facebook friend about vlogging, and I think that we reached a consensus that when it is done well, it is a fantastic way of reviewing and sharing products.

So without further ado, I just want to point you all to the Beauty Fool Review here, which is a daily check-in for me. I love her videos -- her personality is fantastic, and she has a lot of confidence that comes across on camera. She has awesome box openings and haul videos, and I cannot tell you guys how many products I have bought because of her recommendations. She is extremely aware of different skin types and concerns, and has a huge range of subscriptions that should give a good idea of the boxes for anyone interested in them.

I started following during the GoGoGirlfriend scandal (and her videos are some of the best documentation of the GGG Fiasco online), and I have been addicted to her videos ever since. If you are looking for an extremely intelligent and personable vlogger, and you have any interest in beauty, you should be subscribed to her channel.

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