Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Julep - September 2012 Maven Picks!

Hey guys!

Today I put together a quick post to show you the choices for Julep. I am really tempted by the nail wardrobe upgrade, so please tell me if that complete set is something you would like to see swatched on the blog.

Following the style profile image is a link to Julep's blog, where they have some swatches.

Julep's Bombshell swatches.

Julep's Boho Glam swatches.

Julep's American Beauty swatches.

Julep's It Girl swatches.

Julep's Classic With a Twist swatches.

And this one is the set of all of them. Even the mascara is tempting me! Do you guys think I should go for the upgrade? And which style will you pick?

If anyone is interested in trying the program for a penny, as I am sure just about all of you have by now, lol, you can follow this link and enter the code "PENNY". If I get a certain number of referrals, then I think I get a box for free or a discount. I'd be happy to refer anyone, though it's just a good deal to get a starter box for a penny anyway, since Julep usually packs the starter kits really well.

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