Thursday, August 2, 2012

Birchbox - June 2012 [Box II]

... and here is my second June Birchbox!

Why yes, those are more Comodynes. I somehow managed to get them in both boxes! Make it stop!

So a lot of repeat items in here, but honestly, the Stila alone was probably worth the cost of the box. I am giving the Comodynes to my mother, along with the extra Taylor Swift (which I received a long while back in my first Birchbox subscription), and the extra sample of the lip stain, which I also received in Box I.

1. Comodynes - Self-Tanning Intensive & Uniform Color - 2 towelettes - $2.75
2. theBalm - Stainiac in Beauty Queen - .04oz - $2.26
3. Taylor Swift - "Wonderstruck" Perfume - .04oz - $0.61 
4. Luna - Peanut Butter Cookie - .7oz - $0.44
5. Stila - One-Step Bronze - Full Size - $36.00

= $42.06

Annnnnd... a Luna bar! You guys know how I love bars. :D I am looking forward to using the Stila bronzer. I won't use it as a primer or all-over, but I do use bronzers for sculpting, so this is so awesome to receive.

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