Monday, August 20, 2012

OPI's James Bond Collection - A Creative Affair


I just saw over on College Fashion that there is a new OPI set coming out based on what may really be my favorite film franchise of all time (and at least my favorite set in the last ten-fifteen years): the Bond movies.

Being bored (actually, procrastinating), I decided not to look at the colors and to create what would be my own Bond collection, if I were designing for OPI. I did see the two for Man With the Golden Gun and Spy Who Loved Me, but I will try to be fair in spite of knowing what OPI did with them. As a warning, though, there are a few I have never seen out of the movies (scandalous, I am well aware...), so those are omitted below. So if any of these others happen to overlap, then my brainwaves and OPI's designers' must be aligned!

1. Doctor No - Honey's Shells
    A pale shell-pink creme with just a hint of white microshimmer, inspired by Honey Rider's iconic bikini.

2. From Russia With Love - Hidden Microfilm
    A rich black creme with a rubbery finish. Tough but glamorous, just like the KGB.

3. Goldfinger - Golden Galore
    An innevitable gold like its namesake, Goldfinger throws a wrinkle into its predictability by being a harvest gold matte, packed with copper-brown undertones. Perfect for a tough, mod girl who loves her metals.

4. Thunderball - Something to Put On
    In homage to one of the classic Bond femme fatales, this shimmer-filled light turquoise might just turn you into a bad girl too.

5. You Only Live Twice - SPECTRE of a Volcano
    This dark, firey red-orange creme is lava-hot, just like SPECTRE's volcanic fortress.

6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - A Diamond for Tracy
    The ice of the Swiss alps and the single time Bond was ever married unite to produce this silver foil with holographic hex-glitter that catch the light, just like Tracy's ring.

7. Diamonds Are Forever - Tiffany's Hoard
    We think diamond smuggler Tiffany Case would have appreciate this polish, also inspired by diamonds -- this one is a dark blue glitter, packed with medium to dark blue shimmer.

8. Live and Let Die - Live and Let Polish
    This murky, medium camo-green creme polish might call to mind the Louisiana swamp. We hope you have a Q-approved boat!

9. The Man With the Golden Gun - She Charges a Million a Nail
    This bright yellow-gold foil has nearly a mirror finish, but unlike a golden gun, it hopefully it won't be the last thing you see...

10. The Spy Who Loved Me - Stilettos Full of Sand
     Russian agent Anya Amasova may never want to see sand again after her tenure in Egypt, but that doesn't mean you can't appreciate this sand-colored creme.

11. Moonraker - Double-Zero-Gravity
    This rich, midnight blue is packed with a black microshimmer that might send you flocking to the moon, too.

12. For Your Eyes Only - Your Island Only
    When you can't make it to your own Greek island retreat, remember the beauty of it with this dark teal creme, reminiscent of the clear Mediterranean waters.

13. Octopussy - Uh-Oh Where'd You Find That Calamari?
     In addition to celebrating the brilliant colors of the Indian setting of Octopussy, we like to think this polish is in honor of the eponymous character's beloved pet, this pale orange polish is packed with screaming violet glitter. Just make sure the real critter doesn't end up breaded.

14. A View to a Kill - May Day! May Day!
    If this dark purple polish calls to mind Grace Jones, it's probably because the iconic Jamaican actress' costuming inspired this rich shade of violet.

17. Goldeneye - Onatopp Coat
    This gold and black glitter top coat will make even your worst enemies respect you.

18. Tomorrow Never Dies - M Stands for More Polish
    We think even Bond's proper British supervisor, M, couldn't resist this pelican grey polish, perfected with just a hint of a shimmer.

19. The World is Not Enough - Bloody Sexy
    You may just be a Bond Girl by sporting this vampy burgundy creme polish -- but even a Bond Girl gets what's coming to her when she's trying to corrupt a double-oh.

20. Die Another Day - Frosty Reception
    Miranda Frost might have "ice queen" down perfect, but even she would love this light lavender creme, laced with a double dose of silver shimmer.

21. Casino Royale - Half a Measure of Kina Lillet 
   Like the Vesper for which Bond's new martini is named, we think you'll love this classic dark red. Pair it with a dark, smoky eye and a matching lipstick, and nobody at the table will be looking at their cards.

22. Quantum of Solace - Just Fields
    This pale khaki creme would be in place in Siena or Bolivia. Just don't inhale any oil if you're caught wearing it.

I hope you guys like this! Now I'm off to see what OPI really is doing...

Comment below with what you would have designed! And what's your favorite Bond movie? Mine is by and far Casino Royale, but Thunderball is definitely the runner-up.

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