Sunday, February 12, 2012

Julep Maven - February 2012 "Boho Glam"

I realized that I have yet to have skipped a month of my Julep subscription, or have even been tempted to skip! This month's was no exception. I do, however, tend to switch out my usual "Bombshell" boxes based on the colors of the polish, and I did so this month.

For February, I received the "Boho Glam" Maven box, which included Oscar, Marisa, a chocolate Oscar statuette, and a bottle of the Essential Cuticle Oil. My cuticle oil had gone missing for a long time, though I love the product and had hardly seemed to have used any of it. So, while I was really tempted by and curious about the Topcoat for Hair, I also recognized that my cuticles are torn up again -- and that I had been wanting to buy some of the oil anyway, so this was a better investment. :)

I thought the Oscar was really cute. The statuette design shows up a lot better in this picture than in real life, though!

Who got this box this month? Who got something different?


  1. Hello! I wanted to ask you a question .. But Maven Julep Box is shipped in Italy?