Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Guide to Spring 2012 Nail Polish: Part II - Trends and the Best

Trend Alerts, and the Best Thereof

Bright Red to Corals

Red was in, and the brighter the better. The reds really tended to lean coral, too -- some of these I honestly wasn't sure whether to call red or dark pink!

Duri - "Every Day is a Valentine" (Scrangie)
Duri - "Sweetheart" (Scrangie)
Essie - "Ole Caliente" (Scrangie)
OPI - "Red Lights Ahead... Where?" (Fashion Police)


It isn't 2012's Pantone color for nothing.

Essie - "Orange, It's Obvious!" (Scrangie)

Pale Oranges/Melon

I think any pastels are definite spring go-tos, but so many companies had these pale orange tone, it really was stand-out. Some are so pale they almost verge on pink, too..

Chanel - "June" (Nail Polish Nonsense)
FingerPaints - "Circus Peanuts" (Love for Lacquer)
Essie - "A Crewed Interest" (Scrangie)

Pale Greens - Assorted Shades

Greens were all over the spectrum, but they stayed paler than what I would consider medium green overall.

Essie - "Navigate Her" (Scrangie)
Zoya - "Bevin" (Vampy Varnish)
Nubar - "Kiwi" (PolishAholic)

OPI - "Thanks a Windmillion" (Fashion Police)

Bright Blue-Greens/Teals

While not the biggest trend, this was one of my favorites. I LOVE these kinds of colors, as most of you know. :)

Butter London - "Slapper" (Lacquered Lover)
OPI - "Fly" (Scrangie

Mint and Pale Blue-Greens

There were SO many of these colors! I barely know where to start! They really ranged from just barely-tinted-green to full out mint and aqua colors, similar to the teal trend.

FingerPaints - "Choco Mint" (Love for Lacquer)
Color Club - "Blue-Ming" (Enamel Girl)

Pale Lilac/Lavendar

Typical springtime fare. Nothing too earthshattering, but some of these look like they apply really nicely.

Essie - "To Buy or Not to Buy" (Scrangie)

Medium Purple

These were with and without shimmer. A little edgier for spring, but not by much. I didn't find any of the non-shimmers particularly compelling, but I threw in one for people who might not already have a few in their stash.

OPI - "Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?" (Fashion Police)
Zoya - "Tru" (Vampy Varnish)
Color Club - "Lavendarling" (Enamel Girl)

Vampy Purples

Probably the least expected trend, lots of lines threw in some truly vampy stuff!

Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) "Smile for the Glam-era" (PolishAholic)

Medium Pinks

Another totally not-a-shock, lots of companies went the flower pink route.

Essie - "Tour de Finance" (Scrangie)
Duri - "Forget Me Never" (Scrangie)
OPI - Kiss Me On My Tulips (Fashion Police)

Pale Pinks

Even less of a shock are the lighter-toned pinks.

Duri - "Breakfast in Bed" (Scrangie)
OPI - "Pink Friday" (Scrangie)


For as much hype as nude polishes have been getting lately, there haven't really been that many, and most range in undertones substantially.

OPI - "Did You 'ear About Van Gogh" (Fashion Police)

Zoya - "Cho" (Vampy Varnish)

Glitter Topcoats

Lots of variation, but there are some really nice glittery polishes that could get layered and stand alone or serve as topcoats, depending on how dense they are. We also had a couple of flakie collections!

Nicole by OPI (Wal-Mart Exclusives) - "Fabulous is My Middle Name" (Dori Davis)
OPI - "Save Me" (Scrangie)
Nicole by OPI - "A Million Sparkles" (Never Enough Nails)

FingerPaints - "Flashy" (Scrangie)
Zoya - "Maisie" (PolishAholic)
FingerPaints - "Flecked" (Scrangie)
FingerPaints - "Motley" (Scrangie)
FingerPaints - "Asylum" (Scrangie)
FingerPaints - "Twisted" (Scrangie)

Assorted Pretties - Not Trends

And as with fall, there are always a few polishes that fall outside of the trends that are too good-looking to miss!

Duri - "Cranberry Crush" (Scrangie)
Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) - "Ladies in the Limelight" (PolishAholic)
Deborah Lippmann - "Mermaid's Dream" (Ommorphia Beauty Bar)
OPI - "I Have a Herring Problem" (Fashion Police)
OPI - "Did It On 'Em" (Scrangie)
OPI - "Gouda Gouda Two Shoes" (Fashion Police)
OPI - "Wooden Shoe Like to Know" (Fashion Police)
Nubar - "Toasted Marshmallow" (PolishAholic)
OPI - "Metallic For Life" (Scrangie)

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