Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Guide to Spring 2012 Nail Polish: Part I - The Polishes

So, similar to my fall post, here are the collections I will use to compare the different nail polish colors for spring:

Barielle - Gem Stone Earth
Butter London - Spring/Summer 2012
Chanel - Harmonie de Printemps
China Glaze - Electropop
Color Club - Blossoming
CND - Spring Shades 
Deborah Lippmann - Spring 2012 [Possibly missing colors?]
Dior - Garden Party
Duri - Valentine's Day
Essie - Navigate Her
FingerPaints - Gumdrops and Lollipops
Misa - Precious Moments
NARS - Spring 2012
Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) - Kardashian Kolors CVS Additions
Nicole by OPI (Target Exclusives) - Spring 2012
Nicole by OPI (Wal-Mart Exclusives) - Spring 2012
Nubar - Jellybeans
OPI - Holland
OPI - New York City Ballet
OPI - Nicki Minaj
Orly - Cool Romance
Sephora by OPI - Betsey Johnson
SpaRitual - Water
Zoya - True
Zoya - Fleck Effects

As with the last post of this nature, thank you to all the wonderful bloggers out there who have posted the beautiful swatches you see below. Please visit their sites -- I could NEVER do this rundown without their hard work!

Duri - "Every Day is a Valentine" (Scrangie)
Duri - "Sweetheart" (Scrangie)
Essie - "Ole Caliente" (Scrangie)
CND - "Poppyfield" (Live. Laugh. Love. Lacquer.)
OPI - "Red Lights Ahead... Where?" (Fashion Police)
Sephora by OPI - "Pushing Your Luck" (Rebecca Likes Nails)
Nubar - "Cherry" (PolishAholic)
Nicole by OPI - "That's Totally Red-ical" (Beautezine)

China Glaze - "Make Some Noise" (PolishAholic)
Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) - "Strike a Pose" (PolishAholic)

Duri - "Cranberry Crush" (Scrangie)
Duri - "Hot Date" (Scrangie)

Nicole by OPI - "Vio-let's Talk About Red" (Never Enough Nails)

Essie - "Orange, It's Obvious!" (Scrangie)
OPI - "A Roll in the Hague" (Fashion Police)
CND - "Electric Orange" (Live. Laugh. Love. Lacquer.)

Chanel - "June" (Nail Polish Nonsense)
FingerPaints - "Circus Peanuts" (Love for Lacquer)
Butter London - "Trout Pout" (Lacquered Lover)
Orly - "Prelude to a Kiss" (PolishAholic)
Essie - "A Crewed Interest" (Scrangie)


China Glaze - "Sunshine Pop" (PolishAholic)
Nubar - "Lemon" (PolishAholic)
Sephora by OPI - "Yellow My Name is Betsey" (Rebecca Likes Nails)

FingerPaints - "Lemon Sour" (Love for Lacquer)

Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) - "Ladies in the Limelight" (PolishAholic)
Butter London - "Bossy Boots" (Lacquered Lover)
Essie - "Navigate Her" (Scrangie)
Zoya - "Bevin" (Vampy Varnish)
Nubar - "Kiwi" (PolishAholic)

OPI - "Thanks a Windmillion" (Fashion Police)
Dior - "Waterlily" (The Beauty is a Geek)

Deborah Lippmann - "Mermaid's Dream" (Ommorphia Beauty Bar)

Barielle - "Green Opal" (Lacquered Lover)

OPI - "Did It On 'Em" (Scrangie)
China Glaze - "Gaga for Green" (PolishAholic)

OPI - "I Don't Give a Rotterdam!" (Fashion Police)
Zoya - "Skylar" (Vampy Varnish)

China Glaze - "Electric Beat" (PolishAholic)

OPI - "I Have a Herring Problem" (Fashion Police)

Nubar - "Blueberry" (PolishAholic)
SpaRitual - "Undercurrent" (Love for Lacquer)

Nicole by OPI - "A Lit-Teal Bit of Love" (Never Enough Nails)
Butter London - "Slapper" (Lacquered Lover)
Sephora by OPI - "Too Too Turq" (Rebecca Likes Nails)
OPI - "Fly" (Scrangie
SpaRitual - "Ebb and Flow" (Love for Lacquer)

Deborah Lippmann - "On the Beach" (Colour is Magic)
FingerPaints - "Blue Raspberry Taffy" (Love for Lacquer)

Color Club - "Blue-Ming" (Enamel Girl)
China Glaze - "Aquadelic" (PolishAholic)
Nubar - "Blue Raspberry" (PolishAholic)
FingerPaints - "Choco Mint" (Love for Lacquer)
China Glaze - "Kinetic Candy" (PolishAholic)
Misa - "Little Hands" (All You Desire)
Orly - "Jealous, Much?" (PolishAholic)

OPI - "My Pointe Exactly" (Ommorphia Beuaty Bar)

Orly - "You're Blushing" (PolishAholic)
Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) - "One Big Happy Fame-ily" (PolishAholic)
Essie - "To Buy or Not to Buy" (Scrangie)
SpaRitual - "Lucid" (Love for Lacquer)

Misa - "Sweet Thing" (All You Desire)
China Glaze - "Sweet Hook" (PolishAholic)

OPI - "Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?" (Fashion Police)
Zoya - "Tru" (Vampy Varnish)
Zoya - "Lotus" (Vampy Varnish)
China Glaze - "Gothic Lolita" (PolishAholic)
FingerPaints - "Grape Gumball" (Love for Lacquer)

Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) - "Back to Reality" (PolishAholic)
Nicole by OPI -"Purple Yourself Together" (Swatch and Learn)
Color Club - "Hydrangea Kiss" (Enamel Girl)
Nubar - "Grape" (PolishAholic)
Color Club - "Lavendarling" (Enamel Girl)
Dior - "Forget-Me-Not" (Frazzle and Aniploish)
SpaRitual - "Ripple Effect" (Love for Lacquer)

OPI - "Vampsterdam" (Fashion Police)
NARS - "Diamond Life" (Vampy Varnish)
Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) "Smile for the Glam-era" (PolishAholic)
Nicole by OPI - "Shoot for the Maroon" (Never Enough Nails)

Essie - "Tour de Finance" (Scrangie)
Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) "Our Fuschia's Lookin' Bright" (PolishAholic)
CND - "Raspberry Parfait" (Live. Laugh. Love. Lacquer.)
Butter London - "Disco Biscuit" (Lacquered Lover)
Nicole by OPI (Wal-Mart Exclusives) - "Best Pink Ever" (Dori Davis)
Sephora by OPI - "Alley Cat" (Rebecca Likes Nails)
China Glaze - "Fuschia Fanatic" (PolishAholic)
Duri - "Forget Me Never" (Scrangie)
China Glaze - "Wicked Style" (PolishAholic)
OPI - Kiss Me On My Tulips (Fashion Police)

Sephora by OPI - "XOX Betsey" (Rebecca Likes Nails)
Misa - "Pinky Promise" (All You Desire)
Duri - "Breakfast in Bed" (Scrangie)
Barielle - "Pink Quartz" (Lacquered Lover)
Nubar - "Strawberry" (PolishAholic)
Color Club - "Blushing Rose" (Enamel Girl)
OPI - "Pink Friday" (Scrangie)

Chanel - "May" (Polish Police)

China Glaze - "Dance Baby" (PolishAholic)
Color Club - "Sweetpea" (Enamel Girl)
Misa - "Bed of Roses" (All You Desire)

FingerPaints - "Pop Rock Pink" (Love for Lacquer)
SpaRitual - "Hidden Reef" (Love for Lacquer)

OPI - "Gouda Gouda Two Shoes" (Fashion Police)
Nicole by OPI - "Great Minds Pink Alike" (Swatch and Learn)

OPI - "Pedal Faster Suzi!" (Fashion Police)
Orly - "Artificial Sweetener" (PolishAholic)

Chanel - "April" (TheBeautyFemme)

OPI - "Wooden Shoe Like to Know" (Fashion Police)

OPI - "Did You 'ear About Van Gogh" (Fashion Police)
Zoya - "Farah" (Vampy Varnish)
Zoya - "Cho" (Vampy Varnish)

Misa - "Someone Like You" (All You Desire)
OPI - "You Callin' Me a Lyre?" (Ommorphia Beauty Bar)
OPI - "Don't Touch My Tutu" (Ommorphia Beauty Bar)
OPI - "Barre My Soul' (Ommorphia Beauty Bar)
OPI - "Care to Danse?" (Ommorphia Beauty Bar)

Barielle - "Back to Nature" (Lacquered Lover)
Nicole by OPI (CVS Exclusives) - "Paparazzi Don't Preach" (PolishAholic)

Nubar - "Toasted Marshmallow" (PolishAholic)

Barielle - "Amber Sparkler" (Lacquered Lover)


Misa - "Deep Breath" (All You Desire)

Orly - "Faint of Heart" (PolishAholic)

SpaRitual - "Deep" (Love for Lacquer)

Nicole by OPI (Wal-Mart Exclusives) - "The Gold Shoulder" (Dori Davis)
Nicole by OPI - "Look at Me, Look at Me" (BeauteZine)
Butter London - "Knackered" (Lacquered Lover)

Sephora by OPI - "Son of a Gun" (Rebecca Likes Nails)
Barielle - "Granite Glitter" (Lacquered Lover)
Orly - "Steel Your Heart" (PolishAholic)
OPI - "Metallic For Life" (Scrangie)

Multicolor Glitters and Topcoats
China Glaze - "Techno" (PolishAholic)
OPI - "Pirouette My Whistle" (Ommorphia Beauty Bar)
Color Club - "Diamond Drops" [Over "Hydrangea Kiss"] (Enamel Girl)
Nicole by OPI (Wal-Mart Exclusives) - "Fabulous is My Middle Name" (Dori Davis)
OPI - "Save Me" (Scrangie)
Nicole by OPI - "A Million Sparkles" (Never Enough Nails)

OPI - "Super Bass Shatter" (Scrangie)

Zoya - "Chloe" (PolishAholic)
FingerPaints - "Flashy" (Scrangie)
Zoya - "Maisie" (PolishAholic)
FingerPaints - "Flecked" (Scrangie)
Zoya - "Opal" (PolishAholic)
FingerPaints - "Motley" (Scrangie)
FingerPaints - "Asylum" (Scrangie)
FingerPaints - "Twisted" (Scrangie)

Not yet done; waiting on swatches:

Catrice "Million Styles"


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