Sunday, February 12, 2012

GoGoGirlfriend - January 2012

So, after much ado, much threatening of legal action, and having to literally order the company to refund my (improperly billed, canceled account's) payment, I actually managed to get my January GoGoGirlfriend box! ZOMGx0rs. Hell, this company is so much of a joke that I can't help but to almost wish I'd kept my subscription, just so I can keep track of their shenanigans! :D

So I got my December box. It could have been a lot worse, given how poorly the company treated me, but... for $12.99, it sure could have been a lot better.

So... I got...

1. Floating candle
2. Blossoms Lip Gloss
3. Terry velcro headband
4. Renuderma Creamy Cleansing Lotion
5. Crayon de Levre in "Current"
6. Blum's Naturals Cleansing Towelette in "Organic Orange Peel" and "Organic Grape"
7. Comodyne Self-Tanning Towelette

What to make of this? I actually liked it more when I pulled it out of the box than I did typing it up. The two cleaning towelettes I'll definitely use. I might use the floating candle sometime when I'm feeling decadent, I can always use another lipgloss... maybe the headband will come in handy someday, too. I will absolutely never have any use for a tanning product, so that will be going into a swap/blogsale pile fo sho.

So I'll use the "crayon de levre" as an eyeliner, but... I kind of have a sneaking suspicion that it's a misspelling of "currant" given the color. LOL @ Blossoms (if that's actually who is selling this).

In short, I'm pretty sure GoGoGirlfriend still owes me one more box, but their incomprehensible and moronic customer service department isn't worth the hassle of emailing even one more time to try and figure things out. I'm looking forward to seeing them go belly-up soon, and I hope that there's a legal investigation into this one. It's a hell of a scam, but hey, at least the box is entertaining...

... and I have one giantass floating candle to use someday. Give me a few decades and maybe I'll even feature it in a blog post.


  1. Wow!!! sorry they ripped you off. :( I have 3 subscriptions: Glambag, Birchbox and Julep. I am always getting hooked into new ones. I definitely will not even consider this one.

  2. I agree, I canceled my service with them. Then lucky for me I lost my debit card. GoGoGirlfriend then emailed me saying they couldn't process my payment. So basically they ignored my cancelling and were trying to bill my card. I will stay far away from them!!

  3. Oh yay, another victim of GGG lol. They screwed me over too. And they sent me two of these crappy boxes back to back :( they are the biggest joke of the subscription industry.

  4. I've filed a complaint with BBB about them. Long story but I made a video about my experience. My you tube user name is amysumrall

  5. At least y'all got boxes! I never got anything. Just got off the phone with my bank where I am contesting the charge! What a pain!