Sunday, November 20, 2011

Product Review - Befine Lip Serum

 Hey guys!

Today I have the Befine Lip Serum that came in my October 2011 Birchbox. I have been using it off and on for a few weeks to see how it worked.

As backstory, I have a love-hate relationship with lip gloss. I do not have sensitive skin at all, but I have strange, semi-allergic reactions to a lot of lip products -- but never lipstick. I think sometimes it has to do with the fact that I have an allergic to bee-products (bee wax and honey, chief among them), and a little bit of that can be hiding in the product.

This product does not have any bee-product, so I was in luck. :) I had a very, very slight chapping that started a week after I started to use it, but nothing like my usual "clown lips" reaction to most lip glosses/chapstick, so I  can say that I can actually use this and may continue to!

On to what you guys actually want to know, since you don't have my bizarre reactions, haha. It has a mild "flour" taste which is actually very clean and refreshing. It also contains chamomile and beets, and is a very nice, natural product. I liked this a lot! I love Befine's "food skin care" idea, and I will probably pick this up in a full-size when I run out of my generously-sized sample.

A definite Birchbox winner! I was happy to try it.

As a note to other new Birchbox people, I am really disappointed to see that you cannot leave feedback for items once you receive a new box. :( This is a bad flaw -- I sometimes need more than a few weeks to really decide if I like a product. Bummer.

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