Saturday, October 29, 2011

Birchbox - October 2011

Hello everyone! Today I have a post that should have been done a few weeks ago, but I have been insane with the amount of work I have had to get done, so fun work like blogging has had to go bye-bye. I'm also so behind on personal reading it isn't funny. At least the next few weeks should be a little less stressful!

That said, I have my October 2011 Birchbox for you today! I admit that I was a little skeptical of Birchbox, mostly because I haven't seen much in the way of nailcare in other recipients' boxes, but I have been trying to get better about establishing a beauty routine, and for that, Birchbox seems like the way to go! You can also review products on the website to get points to redeem for full-sized products.

So Birchbox was really aesthetically-pleasing in presentation. I was super happy with that the same way I was happy with Julep Maven. It comes in this pretty little box: 

Inside all of the products were in pretty magenta tissue paper and there was even a nice little card with all of the information about the samples.

And the products themselves:

I plan to individually review these products both for my blog and for the extra Birchbox points, so check back for more information later!

Lastly, I went ahead and did a few swatches -- of the bronzer and of the lip serum. The bronzer is very, very dark for my skin. :( I'm hoping I can use it as more of a blusher than a true bronzer, since I wouldn't be able to put it on my face much unless I wanted to look like a tanning experiment gone really badly! The lip serum doesn't seem to have any color at all.

And I assure you that I actually am one of the living in spite of my skin tone. On the other hand, now everyone can see the bluish and slightly gold undertones I have.

That's all I have for now -- hopefully later I'll show you my Chanel goodies and my most recent cosmetics haul. :)

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