Monday, November 7, 2011

A Cosmetics Haul

Hi guys!

I had a little cosmetics haul, shamefully at Wal-Mart, the other day. I picked up a little bit of everything. :)

I picked up a few inexpensive nail polishes to swatch, as well as one of the Top Speed line by Revlon that I had been wanting. I also grabbed "Peacock Luster" in the Revlon Satin eyeshadows, an Almay purple mascara, and a new black eyeliner.

In spite of how properly Halloween-ish zombified I look, I did the mascara and eyeshadows for you guys to see -- the eyeshadow is done wet, damp, and dry from left to right.

Look for some reviews of the polishes soon! Comment if you want to see one sooner than the others! :)

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