Sunday, November 20, 2011

Product Review - Chuao ChocoPod - "Firecracker"

Wow! I had an amazing Birchbox in November, I can't lie.

My "extra" for the month was a Chuao ChocoPod in the "Firecracker" flavor. I can't gush enough about how flavorful it was and how much I enjoyed this innovative food product!

It contains poprock-like candy, chipotle, and salt. It's definitely sweet, but so savory, too. Love love love. I just bought one of them in a full size, as well as another blog surprise for you guys to see reviewed soon. :) And here's the secret -- I don't even like chocolate! But this is so decadent and such a lovely product that I enjoyed it so much anyway I'd pay a full $6.00 for it. :D

Get one -- they're not THAT expensive, and you'll make some Birchbox points!

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