Thursday, August 4, 2011

Polish Review - OPI "Chop-Stickin' to My Story"

I have to admit -- the Hong Kong collection was what first really drew me to the OPI lines. I remember seeing the gorgeous counter display at my hair salon and going "I want that!" Unfortunately, I did not buy all of "that" when it was first available, but I have been going back through and acquiring some of the nicer polishes out of it. Cue...

Since I'm so light-skinned, I can usually get away with any shade of orange and bronze without clashing too horribly. I was after a bright summer color because I had been seeing swatches for all of the beautiful fall collections and was trying to get away from the greyed out and rich colors of fall. Unfortunately,  "Chop-Stickin' to My Story" tricked me.

"Chop-Stickin' to My Story" is a very nice color. It is a burnt-orange, though, not as bright as it looks in the bottle. It's going to be a beautiful fall shade -- I think it is very close to the shade that pumpkin pies should be when you don't burn them. The application is very smooth, and it is opaque in two coats; my first coat was a little iffy, but when is a first coat ever gorgeous?

This is a great pick for a darker orange. Polish lasted very nicely with just a little bit of edgewear. It probably could have gone a lot longer, but I started getting antsy to get a summer color, just like I had wanted in the beginning of this mani. Vampy Varnish did a really nice swatch of it, so head on over there to see. :)

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