Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pre-Fall 2011 - What Did I Buy, Part II

So to continue (I broke because Blogger was adding a huge gap between the picture and any subsequent text), I apparently am going through a silver/blue/grey phase right now.

3. Flare Jeans
I wear denim a lot more than I would like. I think it is far, far past overdone, especially on my campus. The problem is that this is a place where my fashion sense and common sense start to conflict. The town where I live is the windiest I have ever seen. Cold, icy wind blows for about nine months out of the year. The only thing that really cuts through that kind of wind, unfortunately, is denim.

So in reflecting upon this, I decided that I could at least bite the bullet and pick up a nice pair of on-trend jeans. I already love flares, especially when they're a little bit stretchy (I just realized I'm wearing a well-worn pair right now), so I went for this in a dark wash that is a little more on the classy side. Now I just need to find the money to pick up some good, seventies-style clogs to go with them and complete the look:

I was originally going to pick up some from Old Navy, but when I found these for ten dollars at Charlotte Russe, I had to rethink that plan. These look so nice -- again in a 2-short -- and I can't wait to get them.

The one concession I made for summer -- though I plan to wear my maxis into the fall -- is this absolutely gorgeous dress. It's the kind of maxi I love -- goddess-y and classical -- but it hits a beautiful trendy color that reminds me of one of my all-time favorite Escada ad campaigns from fall/winter 2007:

I still want that damned dress.

Okay, so the maxi isn't a glorious satin evening gown with a six-foot train, but it's still lime green, and it's pretty. And cheap, too -- $13.49. Though if I have to hem it to no end, I'll be in a cranky mood...

Last but not least, I picked up a few pretty accessories. I have been wanting a few snake rings for awhile now. It must be my alleged Slytherin side coming out. I picked up this and this, and then I was absolutely wowed by this stunning ring:

I could design half a wardrobe around that alone, I think. It's stunning as a statement, and I think the colors on the feathers are fantastic. And the lines of the tail are so elegant... it's almost vintage-looking. I woke up this morning and I was afraid that it would not be as nice as I remembered it last night, but I am not sorry I bought it at all!

That's all for now... and all my bank account can tolerate!

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  1. Oh wow that peacock ring is gorgeous! I wish I had one like it!