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A Guide to Fall 2011 Nail Polish: Part I - The Polishes

Swimming in swatches? I was too! Then I sat down and put this together over a couple of weeks of procrastination of things that need to be done for my offline life. :D

First of all, none of these swatches are my own. I wish I had all of them, but I lack the gorgeousness of these ladies' nails, or their spiffy advanced samples. That said, I would like to thank every blogger that put these collections together for me to look through. I chose these swatches because of how nice they are and I hope that it is a compliment to the bloggers, but I am more than happy to remove any links if you prefer it.

So... a few things first that I could not get ahold of when I created this guide:

1. Does Nicole by OPI only have four new shades (the Target exclusives) for fall?
2. Any swatches (or even press releases) for Barielle or KleanColor's fall collections?
3. There was some big whoop about Revlon's new makeup collection being featured somewhere, but they haven't even previewed their shades yet as far as I can tell. Wtf?
4. I don't have swatches for Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon from the Duri collection. If someone can find them, I will be the happiest little blogger in the world. :)

Now, on to the interesting part!

I broke down the endless shades by basic color family first, then put together a "must have colors" list from these options which will be in Part II. The collections used were:

Butter London - Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection
Chanel - "Illusions d'Ombre" Collection
China Glaze - "Metro" Collection
Color Club - "Back to Boho" Collection
Deborah Lippman - Fall 2011 Collection
Dior - Fall 2011 Collection
Duri - "Wine" Collection
Essie - "Brand New Bag" Collection
FingerPaints - "Fall Fashionista" Collection
Misa - "Hip to my Jive" Collection
Nars - "Night Series" Collection
OPI - "Touring America" Collection
Orly "Happy Go Lucky Back to School" Collection
Nicole by OPI - "Something About Color" Target Exclusives
Nubar - "Polished Chic" Collection
Sephora by OPI - "Garden of Good and Evil" Collection
SpaRitual - "Wilde" Collection
Zoya - "Smoke and Mirrors" Collection

Butter London - "Knees Up" [Re-release] - Lipgossiping (Deep ruby metallic)
SpaRitual - "Spirit Child" - Polishaholic (Bright red shimmer)
OPI - "A Color to Diner For" - Polishaholic (Bright red shimmer)
Sephora by OPI - "What's Your Poison?" - Polishaholic (Bright red jelly with glitter)
Nicole by OPI - "I Love You Cherry Much" - Polishaholic (Bright red shimmer)

China Glaze - "Lofty Ambitions" - Scrangie (Reddish wine shimmer)
Nicole by OPI - "Sounds Grape to Me" - Polishaholic (Shimmery burgundy, faint gold duochrome)
Essie - "Carry On" - Trade Secrets (Dark reddish burgundy creme)
Zoya - "Anja" - Scrangie  (Very dark reddish burgundy creme)

Deborah Lippman - "Single Ladies" - Polarbelle (Dark red creme/jelly)
China Glaze - Brownstone - Scrangie (Brown-toned red creme)
Color Club - "Red-ical Gypsy" - Polishaholic (Blue-toned red creme)
Nubar - "Beguiling Carmine" - Polishaholic (Blue-brown red creme)
China Glaze - "City Siren" - Scrangie (Dusty red creme)
Duri - "Bloody Mary" - Beauty Logic (Bright red/orange creme/jelly)
Duri - "Cognac XO" - Lacroix (Terracotta red-orange creme)

FingerPaints - "Cordur-Orange" - Polishaholic (Medium bright burnt orange creme)
Deborah Lippman - "Brick House" - Ommorphia Beauty Bar (Dark orange shimmer)
Essie - "Very Structured" - Trade Secrets (Dark burnt orange creme)
SpaRitual - "Running With Wolves" - Polishaholic (Copper foil)

Misa - "Bop Till You Drop" - Polishaholic (Light coral shimmer)
OPI - "I Eat Mainely Lobster" - Polishaholic (Light coral shimmer)
OPI - "Are We There Yet" - Polishaholic (Light melon-coral shimmer)
Orly - "Flirty" [Swatch on left] - KaylaShevonne (Bright pink shimmer)
OPI - "My Address is Hollywood" - Polishaholic (Light rose-coral shimmer)
Misa - "Pop the Clutch" - Polishaholic (Medium pink with light shimmer)

Misa - "Go for the Pinks" - Polishaholic (Light dusty pink creme)

China Glaze - "Traffic Jam" - Scrangie (Berry pink/purple creme)
FingerPaints - "Raspberry Taffeta" - Polishaholic (Dark berry creme)

Duri - "Dragontini" - Beauty Logic (Dark reddish-purple creme/jelly)
Orly - "Frolic" - VampyVarnish (Lavender creme)
Sephora by OPI - "Sin-cerely Violet" - Polishaholic (Lavender shimmer)
Color Club - "Shabby Drab" - Polishaholic (Dusty periwinkle creme)

Duri - "Grape Swirl" [Photograph on right] -  Babblings of a Mommy (Light grey-purple creme)
Zoya - "Jana" - Scrangie (Light grey-purple creme)

FingerPaints - "Purple Pinstripe" - Polishaholic (Medium mauve-purple creme)

Butter London - "Toff" - Squared Nails (Dusty rose/purple creme)
Zoya - "Nimue" - Polishaholic (Light plum with silver shimmer)
Zoya - "Neeka" - Polishaholic (Light plum with gold glitter)
SpaRitual - "Sacred Ground" - Polishaholic (Light purple with lavender and gold glitter)
Zoya - "Petra" - Scrangie (Medium plum creme)
Nars - "Night Rider" - IronSpy (Plum with silver/blue shimmer)
Sephora by OPI - "Eve-y on the Eyes" - Polishaholic (Magenta/purple shimmer)
Color Club - "Rad Nomad" - Polishaholic (Medium-dark dusty purple creme)
OPI - "I Brake for Manicures" - Polishaholic (Dark plum-grey creme)
China Glaze - "Urban Night" - Scrangie (Dark purple creme)
OPI - "Honk if You Love OPI" - Polishaholic (Dark vampy purple creme/jelly)

Butter London - "No More Waity, Katie" [Re-release] - Squared Nails (Purple/pink glitter)
Zoya - "Jem" - Polishaholic (Dark purple with pinkish shimmer)
SpaRitual - "Instinct" -  Polishaholic (Blurple shimmer with magenta)

Color Club - "Nouveau Vintage" - Polishaholic (Gold with other colors of shimmer)
Sephora by OPI - "Designer Fig Leaf" - Manicure Mommas (Olive/gold shimmer)
Butter London - "Wallis" - Squared Nails (Golden/green foil)
Chanel - "Peridot" - Iron Spy (Gold with green duochrome effect, foil)

Nubar - "Vogue Vert" - Polishaholic (Pale sage creme)
Orly - "Fresh" - VampyVarnish - (Lime green creme)
FingerPaints - "Catwalk Queen" - Polishaholic (Mustard creme)
FingerPaints - "Miliary Green" - Polishaholic (Olive-grey creme)
OPI - "Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window" - Polishaholic (Olive-grey creme)
Zoya - "Yara" - Polishaholic (Olive-grey shimmer)
Nicole by OPI - "Green Up Your Act" - Polishaholic (Medium army green, greyed-out creme)
Zoya - "Dree" - Polishaholic (Olive yellow-green creme)
China Glaze - "West Side Warrior" - Scrangie (Dark olive creme)

Sephora by OPI - "Completely Fern-ished" - Polishaholic (Dark yellow-green creme/jelly)
Deborah Lippman - "Billionaire" - Ommorphia Beauty Bar (Dark forest green creme)

China Glaze - "Trendsetter" - Scrangie (Avocado/mustard shimmer)
SpaRitual - "Rhythm of Life" - Polishaholic (Dark green with teal shimmer)
Nars - "Night Porter" - VampyVarnish (Dark green with gold and blue shimmer)


Nubar - "Mod Aqua" [Also "Mod Agua"] - Polishaholic (Light turquoise blue creme)
Misa - "Catch a Flick" - Polishaholic (Light turquoise blue shimmer)
Color Club - "New Bohemian" - Polishaholic (Light turquoise blue creme)
Orly - "Frisky" -  Noelie's Nails - (Light turquoise dusty blue creme)

FingerPaints - "Vintage Velvet" - Polishaholic (Medium blue-green creme)
China Glaze - "Concrete Catwalk" - Scrangie (Dark grey blue-green creme, edges blue)
Sephora by OPI - "My Personal Serpent" - Polishaholic (Dark blue-green creme, edges blue)
Nubar - "Stylish Peacock" - Polishaholic (Medium teal creme)
FingerPaints - "To-Teally Chic" - Polishaholic (Medium teal creme)
Color Club - "Artsy Crafty" - Polishaholic (Dark blue-green creme, edges green)
OPI - "Road House Blues"  Polishaholic (Dark blue creme)
Zoya - "Cynthia" - Scrangie (Dark blue-teal with slight shimmer)
Color Club - "Blue-Topia" - Polishaholic (Inky dark blue jelly)

China Glaze - "Skyscraper" - Scrangie (Denim blue jelly with silver glitter)
Nicole by OPI - "It's Not Me, It's Blue" - Polishaholic (Light blurple shimmer)
Sephora by OPI - "Tempted by Teal" - Polishaholic (Frosty teal shimmer)
Butter London - "Bluey" - Squared Nails (Blue-teal peacock shimmer)
Dior - "Tuxedo" - Vampy Varnish (Medium blue shimmer)
Nubar - "Elegant Indigo" - Polishaholic (Dark blue base with blue and purple shimmer)
Nars - "Night Flight" - VampyVarnish (Cobalt blue with blue and purple shimmer)

Color Club - "VooDoo You Do" - Polishaholic (Gunmetal blue-grey frost)
Zoya - "Marina" - Polishaholic (Steely blue shimmer)


Nubar - "Faded Putty" - Polishaholic (Off-white creme)
Misa - "Got it Made in the Shade" - Polishaholic (Pale sage green-grey creme)
Color Club - "Nomadic Nude" - Polishaholic (Light tan-grey creme)
OPI - "Suzi Takes the Wheel" - Polishaholic (Medium tan-grey creme)
Sephora by OPI - "Frankly I Don't Give a Dam" - Polishaholic (Medium tan-grey creme)
OPI - "French Quarter for Your Thoughts" - Polishaholic (Medium blue-gray creme)
FingerPaints - "Stunning Stilettos" - Polishaholic (Medium blue-grey creme)
Deborah Lippman - "Stormy Weather" - Ommorphia Beauty Bar (Dark blue-grey creme)

Essie - "Power Clutch" - Trade Secrets (Dark green-grey creme)


Chanel - "Quartz" - Polish Police (Brown/champagne shimmer/foil)

China Glaze - "Midtown Magic" - Scrangie (Dark brown-purple with gold shimmer)

Nubar - "Edgy Umber" - Polishaholic (Dark grey-brown creme)
OPI - "Get in the Espresso Lane" - Polishaholic (Dark grey-brown creme)
Color Club - "Rebel Spirit" - Polishaholic (Dark brown creme)
Zoya - "Codie" - Polishaholic (Dark brown creme)

Nubar - "Classic Camel" - Polishaholic (Light nude/tan creme)
Essie - "Glamour Purse" - Polishaholic (Medium tan-toned taupe creme)
FingerPaints - "Haute Taupe" - Polishaholic (Medium purple-toned taupe creme)
OPI - "A-Taupe the Space Needle" - Polishaholic (Darker tan-toned taupe creme)

China Glaze - "Street Chic" - Scrangie (Darker purple-toned taupe creme)

Misa - "Peachy Keen" - Polishaholic (Beige nude with pearl shimmer)
Color Club - "Earthy Angel" - Polishaholic (Dark tan/nude creme) 
Essie - "Case Study" - Trade Secrets (Medium olive-gray nude creme)
Essie - "Lady-Like" - Daily Varnish (Medium mauve-toned nude creme)

Zoya - "Tao" - Scrangie (Medium steel shimmer)
Chanel - "Graphite" - Polish Police (Silver with heavy shimmer, foil finish)
Nars - "Night Breed" - VampyVarnish (Black with heavy silver glitter)
China Glaze - "CG in the City" - Scrangie (Silver heavy glitter)

Color Club - "Boho Mojo" - Polishaholic (Silver frost/metallic)
SpaRitual - "Howl" -  Polishaholic (Black with burgundy shimmer)

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