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A Guide to Fall 2011 Nail Polish: Part II - Trends and the Best

Trend Alerts, and the Best Thereof

Red Shimmers/Metallics:

Reds tended to be slightly on the purple side, and glitter/shimmer/metallic effects were in.

Butter London - "Knees Up" [Re-release] - Lipgossiping (Deep ruby metallic)
OPI - "A Color to Diner For" - Polishaholic (Bright red shimmer)


As always a glorious fall shade (and one of my favorite colors in fashion, period), burgundy was in, both in shimmers and cremes.

China Glaze - "Lofty Ambitions" - Scrangie (Reddish wine shimmer)
Zoya - "Anja" - Scrangie (Very dark reddish burgundy creme)

Medium Red Cremes

There were so many of these! I didn't care much for the jellies, but a couple of the richly saturated cremes are gorgeous.

China Glaze - Brownstone - Scrangie (Brown-toned red creme)
Color Club - "Red-ical Gypsy" - Polishaholic (Blue-toned red creme)

Coral/Light Pink Shimmers

Another huge trend. I don't see why this is a fall shade at all, but there are always some pink-lovers... right? OPI conquered it; I liked all of these the best.

OPI - "I Eat Mainely Lobster" - Polishaholic (Light coral shimmer)
OPI - "Are We There Yet" - Polishaholic (Light melon-coral shimmer)
OPI - "My Address is Hollywood" - Polishaholic (Light rose-coral shimmer)


Typical fall color, only one standout.

China Glaze - "Traffic Jam" - Scrangie (Berry pink/purple creme)

Purple Cremes/Glitters

Light, dark, grey-ed out, plum, periwinkle... purple was everywhere.

Zoya - "Jana" - Scrangie (Light grey-purple creme)
Butter London - "Toff" - Squared Nails (Dusty rose/purple creme)
Zoya - "Neeka" - Polishaholic (Light plum with gold glitter)
SpaRitual - "Sacred Ground" - Polishaholic (Light purple with lavender and gold glitter)

Metallic Gold/Greens

Hi, my name is Chanel Peridot, and along with my sister, Graphite, I am the top trendsetter this season.

Butter London - "Wallis" - Squared Nails (Golden/green foil)
Chanel - "Peridot" - Iron Spy (Gold with green duochrome effect, foil)

Avocado/Olive/Military Green

The seventies rule the catwalks... and the nail polish sets.

FingerPaints - "Catwalk Queen" - Polishaholic (Mustard creme)
OPI - "Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window" - Polishaholic (Olive-grey creme)
Zoya - "Yara" - Polishaholic (Olive-grey shimmer)
Nicole by OPI - "Green Up Your Act" - Polishaholic (Medium army green, greyed-out creme)
Zoya - "Dree" - Polishaholic (Olive yellow-green creme)
China Glaze - "Trendsetter" - Scrangie (Avocado/mustard shimmer)

Tiffany's Turquoise

Not, again, a real fall color, but it's still out there, and it's a big trend.

Color Club - "New Bohemian" - Polishaholic (Light turquoise blue creme)

Teals and Rich Blues

Cremes and shimmers alike from medium to dark shades dominated. Dior's "Tuxedo" is probably a contributing factor.

FingerPaints - "Vintage Velvet" - Polishaholic (Medium blue-green creme)
China Glaze - "Concrete Catwalk" - Scrangie (Dark grey blue-green creme, edges blue)
Color Club - "Blue-Topia" - Polishaholic (Inky dark blue jelly)
Dior - "Tuxedo" - Vampy Varnish (Medium blue shimmer)
Zoya - "Marina" - Polishaholic (Steely blue shimmer)


Grey cremes. Every shade and tone. That is all.

Sephora by OPI - "Frankly I Don't Give a Dam" - Polishaholic (Medium tan-grey creme)
FingerPaints - "Stunning Stilettos" - Polishaholic (Medium blue-grey creme)
Deborah Lippman - "Stormy Weather" - Ommorphia Beauty Bar (Dark blue-grey creme)

Dark Brown

I love browns and dark browns, so this one is a favorite trend of mine.

OPI - "Get in the Espresso Lane" - Polishaholic (Dark grey-brown creme)
Zoya - "Codie" - Polishaholic (Dark brown creme)


Particuliere's imitators will never, ever die. Can we ever get tired of taupes, though? So elegant.

FingerPaints - "Haute Taupe" - Polishaholic (Medium purple-toned taupe creme)
> China Glaze - "Street Chic" - Scrangie (Darker purple-toned taupe creme)

Silver Glitters and Shimmer

You might have heard Peridot mention me. My name is Chanel Graphite, and I am a trendsetter. Duh.

Chanel - "Graphite" - Polish Police (Silver with heavy shimmer, foil finish)
Nars - "Night Breed" - VampyVarnish (Black with heavy silver glitter)
China Glaze - "CG in the City" - Scrangie (Silver heavy glitter)

Assorted Pretties - Not Trends

These didn't fit any trends, but I still loved them:

Nubar - "Vogue Vert" - Polishaholic (Pale sage creme)FingerPaints - "Cordur-Orange" - Polishaholic (Medium bright burnt orange creme)
Sephora by OPI - "Completely Fern-ished" - Polishaholic (Dark yellow-green creme/jelly)
SpaRitual - "Rhythm of Life" - Polishaholic (Dark green with teal shimmer)
Chanel - "Quartz" - Polish Police (Brown/champagne shimmer/foil)
SpaRitual - "Howl" -  Polishaholic (Black with burgundy shimmer)

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