Monday, August 8, 2011

Polish Review - Revlon "Emerald"

Just a quick post while I try and catch up on some things I wanted to highlight...

Alas, the quest for the Dark Green Jelly Nail Polish has still not yielded any fruit (except for comments regarding impossible to find retired shades), so I have yet to try my dream gold shatter over emerald jelly. But while I wait for someone to invent that nail polish, I have a shade named Emerald for you.

Emerald is a dark grassy green that edges onto the blue side. It dries insanely fast and it could get away with one coat -- but that bothers me so I always throw on a second, lol. I also got bored about a day into wearing it and put on a coat of silver shatter. I got a lot of compliments on it, and it looked classy. I think if I was more careful and went for a really even shatter it could be a perfect Slytherin manicure.

Geek? Who, me? Slyth? Who, me?

It is a little on the dupe-y side. And now that I think about it, it definitely has something in common with some photos I have seen online of some (other) beautiful polishes that I covet very much: Daily Varnish in fact has a comparison of it against OPI "Jade is the New Black", which is ironically enough the polish I want right now more than any other.This kind of makes me a little sad in a way, because I always pictured Jade as even more on the blue side with some microshimmer (not that I had any reason to think there was shimmer -- this is just my crazy brain making up nonsense). Oh well. I still probably will spend the five bucks because I have wanted it for so long.

Application was just slightly on the watery side; very little chipping and even a small amount of edge-wear. If you want a really pretty medium green, go for it -- it'll only take a minute to set.

PS: Inspired by how much I liked the fast drying time on this one, I picked up Revlon Top Speed "Royal". Still lusting for "Espresso".

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