Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Polish Review - Catrice "Lost in Mud"

I picked up a bottle of this in the "Coin" chain while I was in Trieste, Italy, last month.

This is a really pretty neutral in that mushroom family that is so popular right now. It's a browned tan with grey undertones, and has a really nice rustic look. It also seems like it might be in the family of possible Particuliere dupes out there, though I don't have the original Chanel to confirm this.

Application was not bad, but it took a full three coats to be opaque; two coats left it fairly streaky. It didn't even have edge-wear for a couple of days, but I mangled it later; not really the fault of the polish. It's going to be a nice shade come fall, but for now, I think it's staying in the stash while brights reign.

A great picture (and comparison to Chanel) can be found on Lacquerized.

Not much more for now; I will post on starting some shopping later, once my new Invisalign-aligners stop driving me crazy...

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