Thursday, June 16, 2011

Updates from Europe

Hi, everyone, and apologies for the lack of posts lately. It's nothing personal. Really. Even my own mother has been failing at contacting me lately. Being eight hours ahead of the rest of the world, sleeping (or not sleeping) at godawfully inopportune times, and digging in the hot sun for eight plus hours a day does a number on the appeal of fashion-blogging.

Aside from all that, what [i]have[/i] I been up to? Last Tuesday I flew to Rome with a couple of stops along the way. Long story short, Rome was fantastic. Everyone always talks about the gorgeous fashion and it's true; you can spot the local Roman women from miles away because they always look lovely. It's so nice to be in a city where you can't be overdressed.

I didn't bring my wallet (purposefully) when I went down the walk of fashion down near the Spanish Steps; I knew better than to have any access to funds while in the vicinity of Armani and Max Mara. I also didn't want to be tempted to "waste" time shopping when I only had three days in Rome. Note to any ladies voyaging to the Old World any time soon -- you might want to sacrifice fashion for the happiness of your feet. American girls aren't usually used to always walking on rock (cobbles, marble, granite, ancient Roman pavement), after all. I was on my feet for about fifteen hours a day, most of which was on rock, and at around two in the afternoon, my feet would hurt so badly that it was like an elaborate form of torture to keep playing the tourist act. Not just "aw my feet are sore :(" pain, but I literally could not walk across the bed and breakfast when I got in at night. And I was just in gladiator sandals! Not heels!

I'm in Croatia for the next couple of weeks. After that I should be back in Italy (I have to be to catch a flight), but depending on how my work schedule works out over here, I may have some extra days to play with. I'm trying not to let Sicily or Greece play into the equation...

That's all for now. When I get back I'll put up some outfits inspired by the girls on this side of the lake, some more polish reviews, and figure out my work schedule and catch up on paperwork... oh scratch the last two for the blog. :D Ciao for now!

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