Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pre-Fall 2011 - What Did I Buy, Part I

Not any of Chanel's new colors: Graphite, Crystal, or Peridot, unfortunately. They still haven't been released, though I am lusting after Peridot like David Beckham in the Armani shoots. That's a lot of lust. :D I did, however, pick up a lot of basics that I needed going back to work (and school) in the fall. I have an assortment of jobs, with dress codes ranging from wearing whatever I want that looks decent to more laid-back office/business-casual. Then I work at the sidelines of athletics events, too, which I use to dress up business-casual a little bit.

1. The Khakis
First of all, I desperately needed khakis. I wear them to work a lot, especially in winter when it is way too cold to have any bare skin that's not necessary (sorry, dresses/skirts). I also wear them to some of the less "formal" athletics events with a school-logo polo, and I look properly staff-like. However, my khakis that I had worn for a long time were not so much khakis as stretchy tan pants, and they looked nice enough until somehow I got bleach on them. I also do not know where they are... Sooo, here is the replacement. I got them in khaki, of course, and went for a size 2 instead of 0 to keep it comfortable and to give me a little flexibility if I want to wear them at hip-height. I love that Old Navy has the "short" size. I'm 5'2", and I get ridiculously tired of hemming my pants (and maxi-dresses). I can't wait to get these -- Old Navy's sizes are usually awesome on me, and when they something is petite, it does not just mean that they scrimped on fabric and made it tighter, like some brands...

2. Layering Camis
I bought a big load of the traditional, unlined layering camis sometime at the beginning of the year. They lasted through ballet and layering and lounging around, but for some reason, working outside and playing tourist in them them for twelve (hot) hours a day for five weeks killed the elastic on most of the straps. Ick and sadness. So I had to pick up some new ones. After planning on buying ten or fifteen, then seeing the total price in my shopping cart, I settled on these from Charlotte Russe:

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