Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fashion: Rome: The Forum

I went ahead and did up the first Polyvore for my trip, even though it technically will be for my third day in Rome. I had the hardest time finding the exact pieces I am bringing, so a few things, like the earrings and sweater, are close approximates instead of the exact ones. As always, click through for the separate items.

The base of the look is a fantastic blue maxi dress. Forever 21 stopped selling it almost as soon after I bought it, but it is beautiful. I really hope they restock, because I want to get a chocolate one and a grey one if they happen to restock. To bring up the length just a little, because it is not petite-friendly on the length, I use a wide belt similar to the one pictured here. It also slims the look and gives more definition to the dress.

The gladiator sandals pictured here are probably my favorite shoes that I own. These are the Sydnee gladiator sandals by Mantego Bay -- for Payless of all places! I had been looking for gladiator sandals to appease my Roman bent long before they became ridiculously popular a couple of summers ago, and these were one of the first "no frills" sandals that I found. They look more like something out of a historic costuming store than the cheaper gladiator sandals that have since become incredibly mass-marketed. They are also the most durable shoes I think I have ever owned. They have walked all over the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire with me; now it's time for them to walk on the Augustan pavements at the Forum.

The sweater is a bit different than the one pictured here, but I always pack one to avoid the sun and potential cold. Mine has more stripes that are positioned diagonally; they are also much thinner, and the sweater is a little looser. Mine is also an Armani Collezioni, and it really looks good with the maxi dress.

Other accessories? The dress does not like fighting with necklaces, and the earrings that I will actually wear have one less tier than these, but the colors are nearly identical. I have a couple of gold/bronze-colored bangle bracelets that will be worn similar to the model's in the photograph of the dress. And lastly, the champagne-colored eyeshadow in the Almay set, as well as the "Volcanic" color of the lipstick (apropos for a trip that may involve Pompeii, no?) are staples.

I think "Bling Dynasty" may be the nail polish for the trip -- I only should need one while I am traveling, and I do not particularly want to be wearing an expensive nail polish when I'm digging in the dirt. Finish it all off with a splash of Armani Code, and this girl is ready for her extended Colosseum tour.
Rome: The Forum

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