Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Polish Review - OPI "Bling Dynasty"

It will be a busy week for the blog and the blog owner -- I've gone through about four manicures in a week after I splurged on a couple of nail polish orders, I am packing for a month overseas, and may even have a few new Polyvore sets to share with you. Hang tight!

At the same time that I picked up "Drastic" because I was obsessed with trying out a dark jelly, I also ordered OPI's "Bling Dynasty" from the Spring 2010 Hong Kong collection. I love all things Hong Kong, and I remember seeing some beautiful displays at my salon when this set was released.

Once I got through admiring "Drastic", I switched over to "Bling Dynasty" to wear for a few days. It's a very rich gold -- more on the burnished "old gold" side than a cooler tone (it's toasty-warm enough that the office started calling it "Waffle" at breakfast), and it has a very concentrated microglitter that looks lovely. 

I admit that I absolutely adore golds and bronze polishes. This one is somewhere between a true gold and bronze, so it is definitely staying in my collection! It lasted really well with very little wear on the tips, then my second splurge-y order came in the mail. Two coats provided full coverage, but beware! I applied a top coat later and it dulled this beautiful color quite a lot -- it lasts wonderfully on its own, so don't spoil it.

The only thing that I have that is dupe-y for "Bling Dynasty" is an old L'Oreal ShockProof color called "Bronze Coin". Aside from being my favorite polish in existence, however, "Bronze Coin" is also a perle finish, though it has the same rich color and a similar glitter flash. It's not quite as flashy as "Bling Dynasty", but if you have "Bronze Coin", you might be able to go without getting Bling depending on how rich you want the color.

PerryPie has some accurate and beautiful pictures of this polish; I promise that one of these days I will actually have nails that are long enough to show off these colors.

Things to come: Essie's "Fair Game", and tales of a fashion whore trying to pack for a month in one backpack. Oof!

EDIT: August 05, 2011: I think I may finally have found a true dupe, though I am going completely off some images, not an in-person comparison. I want to buy this polish just to see! Take a look at these photos on the blog "A Sin Worth Committing". I don't know, but I think we may have a close relative!

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