Saturday, May 28, 2011

Polish Review - Essie "Fair Game"

Another week another couple of polishes, right? I have been painting nails more than I've been creative on Polyvore, and this past week slipped by ridiculously quickly, so you all get a couple of polish reviews to sate you until I start putting together my Europe looks!
The first polish I did for last week I am absolutely in love with. I picked up a couple of the Essie Resort 2011 collection polishes, "Fair Game" and "Da Bush", and since I had been playing in the gold/green family a lot lately, I went for "Fair Game" first. "Fair Game" is gorgeous. It is a steely blue metallic with a bit of a shimmer that goes from a more grey platinum in the shade to a richer blue in the sun. I had a million compliments, and it wears beautifully! I did not use a topcoat on it, but I had no major chips, and only a little bit of wear at the tip. It applied ridiculously smoothly, and dries really quickly. Two coats got it completely opaque.

I did finally broke down near the end of wearing this manicure and slap on a shatter coat on top. I think that there is not quite enough shimmer to make it stand out against the shatter; it looked murky and not particularly appealing; I wouldn't pair these two together.

Confession time: I had been trying to grow out my nails and make my cuticles look pretty enough for a photograph, but once again I started getting stressed, and now my almost-to-the-edge-of-the-finger nails are shorn back down like little shatter-covered sheep. Oh well, we'll try again so they look decent by the time I'm in Rome! Until then, head over to Musings from Manhattan or Scrangie for some gorgeous and very accurate photos!

Love until I get back from raiding the local salons for OPI Serena sets...


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